Dealing With Defective Items When Online Shopping

Dealing With Defective Items When Online Shopping

Dealing with Defective Items When Online Shopping
One of​ the​ most frustrating aspects of​ online shopping is​ definitely dealing with receiving defective items .​
This is​ a​ rare problem which may happen regardless of​ whether the​ shopper patronizes an​ online retailer or​ a​ traditional store .​
However, dealing with the​ problem can be more difficult during online shopping endeavors .​
Dealing with this problem may be somewhat more difficult when the​ consumer purchases an​ item online but there are some useful tips which can make dealing with defective items significantly less stressful and​ failure to​ follow these tips can make it​ difficult for​ online shoppers to​ have a​ defective item replaced .​
This article will discuss some of​ these useful tips namely the​ importance of​ testing items immediately, contacting online retailers and​ dealing with unresponsiveness from online retailers to​ help online shoppers deal with this dilemma .​
Testing Items Immediately after They Arrive
One very important tip for​ online shoppers is​ to​ always test items immediately after they arrive from the​ online retailer .​
This means the​ shopper should open and​ test the​ item as​ soon as​ possible after it​ is​ delivered .​
Doing this is​ important for​ a​ couple of​ very important reasons .​
One of​ these reasons is​ testing the​ item for​ functionality immediately will help to​ ensure the​ online shopper is​ able to​ return the​ item within the​ limitations of​ the​ online retailers return policy .​
Online retailers often have specific policies pertaining to​ returns and​ failure to​ adhere to​ these guidelines may result in​ the​ shopper not being able to​ return the​ item for​ a​ refund or​ exchange .​
These policies can vary significantly from one online retailer to​ the​ next and​ some policies may be more liberal than others .​
However, consumers who determine an​ item is​ defective within a​ couple of​ days after the​ item is​ received will likely still be within the​ period in​ which returns are still accepted even with online retailers who offer the​ stingiest return policies.
Another reason why it​ is​ important to​ test an​ item purchased online for​ functionality immediately after receiving the​ item is​ it​ helps to​ ensure the​ consumer will not lose the​ original packaging or​ receipt .​
This is​ important because most online retailers will require the​ item be returned with an​ original receipt and​ in​ the​ original packaging .​
It is​ certainly still possibly for​ online shoppers to​ lose the​ receipt but they are less likely to​ do so if​ they realized immediately that the​ item was defective .​
Contacting the​ Online Retailer
Once an​ online shopper realizes an​ item is​ defective, the​ first step he takes should be to​ contact the​ online retailers .​
This should be done immediately because the​ online retailer will likely document the​ claim of​ defectiveness during this initial call and​ this documentation will serve as​ evidence of​ when the​ item was reported to​ be defective .​
This proof will come in​ handy if​ the​ online retailer gives the​ customer problems with returning the​ item and​ there is​ a​ need to​ pursue legal actions .​
In most cases, the​ receipt will list a​ contact phone number which will put the​ consumer in​ contact with a​ customer service representative .​
However, if​ the​ receipt does not have this information the​ consumer may return to​ the​ website of​ the​ online retailer to​ find the​ necessary contact information .​
The consumer should then contact a​ customer service representative and​ describe the​ problem with the​ item as​ accurately as​ possible .​
In most cases the​ customer service representative will be able to​ provide the​ consumer with information on how to​ return the​ item for​ an​ exchange or​ a​ refund .​
When the​ Online Retailer is​ Unresponsive
As with any retailer, it​ is​ always possible that the​ online shopper will not be satisfied with the​ response to​ the​ complaint offered by the​ online retailer .​
The buyer may be dissatisfied with the​ response offered by the​ online retailer or​ may be dissatisfied by a​ lack of​ a​ response from the​ online retailer .​
Regardless of​ the​ reason for​ the​ dissatisfaction the​ consumer will likely have to​ pursue other methods of​ obtaining a​ response to​ his complaint .​
The consumer may wish to​ elevate his complaint by asking to​ speak to​ a​ supervisor .​
If this does not rectify the​ situation it​ may be necessary to​ file a​ complaint with an​ agency such as​ the​ Better Business Bureau .​
They can than contact the​ retailer on behalf of​ the​ disgruntled consumer and​ attempt to​ rectify the​ situation .​

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