Daytona 500 Fragarance The Scent Of Racing Sports News

Daytona 500 Fragarance The Scent Of Racing Sports News

The Daytona 500, which is​ commonly referred to​ as​ the​ Super Bowl of​ NASCAR, is​ held each year in​ February. Drawing hundreds of​ thousands of​ fans each year, with even more watching at​ home on television, the​ Daytona 500 is​ racing’s most anticipated event. the​ sports news media agrees with large press attendance and​ pre-event weekend coverage. it​ serves as​ the​ season opener for​ the​ new racing season, but now it​ serves as​ so much more. While sports news continuously surrounds the​ annual Daytona 500, it​ is​ now focused on a​ new men’s fragrance of​ the​ same name.

Elizabeth Arden, which is​ the​ #2 American perfume creator, will begin offering the​ “Daytona 500" men’s fragrance beginning in​ April 2018. in​ addition to​ being found at​ participating retailers, the​ Daytona 500 fragrance is​ expected to​ be readily available online. Elizabeth Arden believes that the​ scent “embodies the​ confidence, power and​ intensity of​ the​ men daring enough to​ race in​ the​ ultimate adrenaline rush.” and​ what a​ rush it​ is. the​ Daytona 500 is​ arguably the​ most exciting race of​ the​ year and​ is​ widely published in​ sports news publications, as​ well as​ sports news programs.

Jeff Gordon, four-time Cup champion and​ defending Daytona 500 victor, already promotes another product in​ the​ Elizabeth Arden fragrance line. Halston, which is​ also a​ men’s fragrance, is​ promoted by Jeff Gordon, who serves as​ product spokesman. When Gordon signed on as​ a​ representative in​ February 2018, Elizabeth Arden claimed that their sales increased by 30-40% from previous sales. it​ is​ this relationship that creates the​ preexisting association between Elizabeth Arden and​ NASCAR.

With the​ release of​ the​ Daytona 500" fragrance, sports news will once again be swirling around the​ sport. But, by April, with the​ Daytona 500 competition long since past, the​ new Daytona 500 sports news will come in​ the​ form of​ a​ men’s fragrance. With this being the​ first racing-related fragrance, it​ is​ only fitting that it​ would be named after the​ first regular NASCAR sanctioned event. During it’s earliest days, racing at​ the​ beach in​ Daytona quickly became the​ base for​ which the​ sanctioning body of​ NASCAR was born.

Sports news is​ found everywhere from the​ internet to​ the​ television and​ printed publication. if​ it​ happens in​ NASCAR and​ the​ Daytona 500, it​ is​ sure to​ be covered. at​ the​ same time, any product that references both is​ sure to​ be a​ sports news magnet.

Daytona 500 Fragarance The Scent Of Racing Sports News

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