Data Recovery Datenrettung Securing Data On Computers

Data Recovery Datenrettung Securing Data On Computers

Data Recovery/Datenrettung & Securing Data On Computers
Data recovery or​ Datenrettung is​ the​ process by which the​ data is​ recovered from damaged or​ inaccessible storage media .​
Data recovery is​ done from storage media like CD´s,​ DVD´s,​ Floppies,​ Hard disks,​ Magnetic tapes etc .​
There are two reasons due to​ which the​ data becomes inaccessible .​
They are logical damage and physical damage to​ the​ storage media.
Physical damage to​ storage media can occur in​ many ways .​
Magnetic tapes can break,​ get crumpled or​ dirt may settle on​ the​ tapes .​
CD´s and DVD´s can have scratches or​ the​ metallic layer may get damaged .​
Magnetic heads in​ hard disks can crash or​ motors may fail .​
The floppy is​ notorious for failing frequently due to​ bending,​ overheating,​ cold,​ dust etc.
There are other reasons like fires,​ electrical surges etc that can cause data to​ become inaccessible or​ lost .​
There are many methods by which data can be recovered from magnetic media or​ optical media .​
The methods most commonly used are Magnetic Force Microscopy (MFM),​ Scanning Probe Microscopy (SPM),​ Magnetic Force Scanning Tunneling Microscopy (STM) etc.
In these methods a​ sharp magnetic tip is​ placed closed to​ the​ surface to​ be analyzed .​
It interacts with the​ stray magnetic field .​
An image of​ the​ data is​ generated and then repairs are carried out on​ logical damage and thus the​ data is​ recovered .​
Many companies carry out data recovery.
Logical damage is​ the​ damage to​ the​ file system .​
It is​ not physical but a​ software problem and also tells us that we​ need to​ be cautious and have a​ quality system for data recovery,​ datenrettung .​
It generally occurs due to​ power cuts,​ system crashes etc preventing file system structures from being written resulting in​ file system being left in​ an​ inconsistent state.
Logical damage is​ more common than physical damage .​
This may cause strange behavior like infinitely recurring file directories,​ loss of​ data,​ system crashes,​ hard disks reporting negative space etc .​
The end result is​ that the​ operating system cannot mount the​ file system.
Most operating systems come with repair facilities like,​ Linux has fcsk utility,​ Mac has disk utility and Windows has chkdisk facility .​
There are other specialized programs available which have better repair facilities than the​ operating systems.
There are also other systems called journaling file systems like NTFS,​ EFS (used in​ Windows XP),​ ext3 and xfs which can be reverted back to​ their earlier consistent state .​
These file systems reduce the​ amount of​ data loss.
Data back up is​ the​ best way to​ prevent loss of​ data and it´s the​ most common system for data recovery,​ datenrettung .​
The simplest method is​ to​ keep data on​ drives on​ which the​ operating system is​ not loaded .​
The other method is​ to​ write data on​ magnetic tapes,​ CD’s or​ DVD´s or​ have online backup.
Backups are very important for databases .​
Data backup is​ of​ 3 types .​
Full backup means backing up all data .​
Incremental backup means backing up of​ only the​ files that have changed .​
Differential backup is​ a​ mixture of​ these two .​
There is​ another method called continuous data protection in​ which when data is​ written to​ a​ disk,​ it​ is​ also written to​ another computer in​ a​ network.
Most private persons with a​ computer do nothing in​ advance,​ they just use their computers .​
Too late,​ when an​ incident has happened they learn about data recovery or​ datenrettung.

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