Data Protection And Recycling Computer Hardware

Data Protection And Recycling Computer Hardware

Data Protection And Recycling Computer Hardware
We've been running online computer resale,​ repair and recycling companies for a​ number of​ years and throughout the​ whole period,​ the​ most important (and I​ can't stress this enough) part of​ the​ operation has been the​ protection of​ personal and corporate data/ information .​
This cannot be stressed enough .​
Everything from replying to​ emails to​ surfing the​ web and recycling/ disposing of​ your computer exposes you to​ fraud and identity theft.
The most overlooked portion of​ a​ computer's life is​ that of​ it's disposal and the​ protection of​ the​ data on​ it's hard drive .​
Skipping or​ binning your computer without first thinking about the​ safety of​ your personal information is​ simply crazy .​
It's like throwing your credit card in​ the​ garbage bin without first cutting it​ up.
Using a​ professional recycling service isn't always the​ best solution .​
Similarly,​ the​ local municipal recycling center will not be the​ best place to​ just take your old computer .​
You need to​ treat the​ hard drive or​ remove it​ first .​
Professional services will ensure your old computer does not end up in​ landfill,​ but they usually don't guarantee that your data will be removed .​
If your used computer ends up on​ the​ Ivory coast,​ it's data will probably be accessed and your personal information stolen .​
Paying for recycling does give you some surety in​ that there's a​ form of​ contract in​ place and monies have changed hands for a​ service,​ but always check first to​ ensure that data destruction is​ included as​ part of​ the​ contract- and always insist on​ a​ certificate to​ say that the​ hard drive has been wiped or​ destroyed.
Wiping your own data is​ the​ best option and software like dBan offers the​ best and most secure way of​ doing this .​
The other option open to​ you is​ to​ remove the​ hard drive and take a​ sledge hammer to​ it .​
For corporates,​ computer recycling usually costs money and if​ it​ doesn't,​ the​ service most certainly involves resale for export,​ where information may be accessed on​ other continents- well outside the​ shores of​ your parent country and the​ laws that protect a​ company's rights .​
Remember,​ if​ in​ doubt,​ ask .​
Look for a​ level of​ professionalism and a​ service from your chosen recycling company designed to​ ensure client retention.

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