Data Backup In Web Hosting Industry

Data is​ very important in​ any business whether it​ is​ online or​ offline. Data stored in​ your server cannot be lost as​ it​ puts a​ full stop to​ your business. if​ you lose data then you have to​ spend a​ lot money, time and​ effort to​ replace them. in​ some critical applications it​ is​ not even easy to​ replace the​ data. Hence a​ wise decision is​ to​ find some ways to​ retain your data. This is​ where Back-up comes into picture.

Data back-up is​ a​ process in​ which you save your valuable data to​ some remote server or​ in​ some media which can be used to​ restore them back when you need it. You may face situations in​ which you application becomes corrupt or​ your data file is​ corrupted. Intentional damage, natural disasters, and​ hardware failure are some of​ the​ other situations which makes your lose your data. During such situations you can use the​ data that is​ backed up in​ your remote server to​ restore.

A periodic backup is​ necessary so that you do not lose much data when a​ contingency occurs. Data backup in​ web hosting industry is​ common and​ is​ also a​ must, since they face a​ lot of​ contingencies mentioned above. With ever increasing viruses and​ worms you may not when you will lose your data. Hence taking backup of​ your data is​ a​ must in​ these days.

Any web hosting account that you purchase also comes up with a​ comprehensive backup scheme that can be used to​ backup the​ important data that you might have in​ the​ server. if​ you have a​ site that has many users (members), then it​ is​ important that you also backup the​ data of​ your users also. Under such situations it​ is​ better to​ backup the​ site data and​ the​ users’ data separately so that you can restore which ever you want.

A backup can be incremental or​ full backup. Full backup is​ to​ take a​ backup of​ all the​ data available in​ the​ site, whereas the​ incremental backup is​ to​ take a​ backup of​ the​ data that has changed since the​ last backup. it​ takes a​ lot of​ time and​ space to​ take a​ full backup of​ your site. Backup is​ taken usually in​ the​ tar format or​ the​ .gz format. Taking backups in​ these formats saves a​ lot of​ space and​ time.

Most of​ the​ web hosting services provides a​ backup plan which could be monthly, weekly, or​ daily basis. the​ data thus backed up is​ stored offline on a​ secure server. Some services charge you for​ the​ backup services provided by them. Some of​ the​ hosting providers provide you the​ necessary tools to​ take a​ backup so that you can schedule backup on your own. if​ your site has critical data then hourly backup can also be sought after. Such exclusive backups are charged by the​ hosting provider.

Hence taking a​ backup of​ the​ important data and​ the​ site is​ important in​ the​ web hosting industry so that the​ website can be restored in​ the​ minimum time with minimum interruption to​ the​ users.

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