Dartmoor National Park Guided Walks A Huge Success

Dartmoor National Park Guided Walks A Huge Success

The walks have been a​ great success with both tourists and local people due to​ the careful planning of​ the walks. The start times and locations are set to​ make the walks as​ accessible as​ possible for all concerned but still manage to​ take in​ some of​ the must see sights on the moors.

If you’ve’ ever wondered what creatures are out and about on Dartmoor at​ night, why not go along for a​ two hour stroll at​ Newbridge on Monday 14 August at​ 8 pm. Situated in​ the beautiful Dart valley, the Newbridge area is​ a​ haven for a​ great many species.

Younger wildlife enthusiasts can join a​ Wet and Wild stream dipping activity, or​ a​ Dartmoor Family Play Day, helping them learn about Dartmoor wildlife while having fun. On Thursday 10 August, a​ three hour Dartmoor Family Play-Day takes place, from 10 am, at​ Norsworthy Bridge, Burrator. The whole family can join in​ the fun, with nature games and activities suitable for children aged 6 to​ 12 years. These events are extremely popular so booking is​ essential. Please telephone the High Moorland Visitor Centre, Princetown, on (01822) 890414. On Friday 25 August there is​ another chance to​ take the children along to​ a​ Wet and Wild Stream dipping activity, this time at​ Bellever, near Postbridge, at​ 2 pm.

The full programme of​ guided walks and events can be found in​ the Dartmoor National Park Visitor Guide, the Authority’s free information newspaper, available from Information Centres. Many of​ the guided walks are accessible by public transport. if​ you arrive at​ the start point by public transport, and show your ticket to​ the guide, you can join the walk free of​ charge.

The whole scheme has proved such a​ success that several other national parks are looking into similar programs for the coming year.

Dartmoor National Park Guided Walks A Huge Success

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