Dangers Of Tooth Whitening Chemicals And Treatments

Dangers Of Tooth Whitening Chemicals And Treatments

Teeth whitening kits can cause a​ variety of​ problems. Problems can occur in​ accidentally swallowing the​ bleaching product, faster decay and​ damaging gums.

The peroxide used in​ teeth whitening can cause damage to​ the​ nerves and​ the​ fleshy tissue in​ your gums. When the​ nerves are damaged, you will have an​ increased sensitivity to​ hot and​ cold sensations. Laser teeth whitening is​ not much better; the​ peroxide is​ still applied to​ the​ teeth, only this time the​ laser causes it​ to​ penetrate more deeply into the​ tooth. Laser teeth whitening can cause even more damage than just applying a​ tooth-whitening product to​ the​ surface. These problems, if​ left untreated can lead to​ tooth decay and​ in​ rare cases sometimes loss of​ the​ tooth altogether.

The mouth is​ a​ very sensitive area of​ the​ body. the​ harsh chemicals involved in​ teeth whitening should be a​ last resort after you have tried over the​ counter treatments such as​ toothpastes. However, there are a​ few precautions you can follow to​ ensure that the​ whitening process goes smoothly. First, if​ you have any current problems with your teeth, wait until they are taken care of​ by a​ dental professional before whitening your teeth. Never start the​ process with open wounds in​ your mouth, such as​ stitches or​ ulcers. This can lead to​ worse problems than you started with, and​ the​ chemicals can eat away at​ the​ tissue and​ cause a​ great deal of​ pain.

An alternative to​ chemical teeth whitening is​ having veneers put on your teeth. Many patients have opted to​ go this route, despite its cost, and​ have been very pleased with the​ results they have achieved. in​ addition, many celebrities achieve their seemingly perfect smile through veneers rather than chemical teeth whitening. These will remain white and​ are not porous like your regular teeth. They come in​ a​ variety of​ materials and​ while they do tend to​ cost more than teeth whitening treatments, the​ upside is​ they last a​ great deal longer than the​ results you achieve from a​ chemical tooth whitening process.

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