Dangers Of Illegal Computer Disposal

Dangers Of Illegal Computer Disposal
If your computer broke tomorrow and it​ was beyond repair,​ what would you do with it? Well chances are that after slamming it​ against the​ wall in​ a​ fit of​ rage,​ you’re going to​ throw it​ in​ the​ trashcan in​ your garage .​
Alongside all the​ other non-recyclable trash your household created this week,​ the​ trash men will come pick it​ up,​ condense it​ in​ their truck,​ and dump it​ into a​ huge pile of​ waste .​
The huge pile of​ waste will be compacted even more,​ and then sent out to​ some island where all the​ huge piles of​ your garbage go .​
Sounds simple,​ right?
Sure,​ it’s simple enough; until a​ bird lands on​ your crunched piece of​ laptop and dies from exposure to​ the​ acid that leaked out of​ the​ battery .​
Gasp! Alright,​ you say to​ yourself,​ I’ll take the​ battery out and burn it​ in​ my backyard instead of​ throwing it​ in​ the​ trash .​
Well unless you’d like an​ explosion in​ your backyard,​ then no,​ you should NOT burn any old battery solely because you know is​ it​ wrong to​ throw it​ in​ the​ trash.
So what exactly do you do with this battery? How about all the​ other parts of​ the​ computer that still function? After you consider all of​ the​ minute details that go into making a​ computer work,​ and you realize that your computer might be broken beyond repair but that the​ tiny pieces could function perfectly in​ someone else’s computer,​ it​ seems like a​ big waste to​ be disposing of​ the​ entire thing with one careless toss into the​ garbage .​
Not only would you be polluting the​ environment,​ adding to​ the​ amount of​ waste your family creates,​ and putting innocent animals at​ danger with the​ improper disposal of​ your computer,​ but you would also be wasting hundreds of​ dollars worth of​ useful items in​ a​ computer that can probably be refurbished anyways.
Aside from the​ battery leaking acid in​ a​ waste heap,​ other environmental concerns are with toner or​ ink from printers,​ glass pieces from tiny light bulbs,​ and other wires and metal pieces tangled inside every computer .​
Luckily,​ there are companies that deal with computer disposal or​ refurbishing to​ make your job a​ lot easier .​
If you feel the​ need to​ bash your computer against the​ wall in​ a​ fit of​ rage,​ simply wrap it​ up and send it​ to​ a​ computer disposal company who will,​ oftentimes for free,​ properly dispose of​ your computer .​
If your computer stops working or​ you simply care to​ invest in​ an​ updated version,​ then there are companies who you can send it​ to​ who will pay you for the​ parts that are still useable and will refurbish the​ computer so they can re-sell it​ or​ donate it​ to​ a​ low-income family or​ agency once it​ works again.
One might think,​ Well,​ I​ know of​ a​ charity that could really use my old computer .​
I​ will donate it​ on​ my own .​
Not so fast,​ buddy .​
Donating an​ older computer to​ an​ organization that you think could really use it​ doesn’t always work out so well .​
In many instances,​ the​ computer will cease to​ work after a​ couple of​ months,​ and the​ organization might have to​ spend more money to​ repair it .​
It is​ poor etiquette to​ donate something when you are not quite sure of​ its value .​
If you’d rather not give cash,​ some businesses will take your old computer and send the​ cash value of​ its remaining parts to​ an​ organization of​ your choice.
The bottom line is​ that there are many different things you can and should do with a​ computer that you no longer want as​ your own .​
For the​ same reasons that you taught your children how to​ recycle,​ that you turn off the​ lights when you leave a​ room,​ and because you try to​ take only as​ much food as​ you are prepared to​ eat at​ a​ buffet table,​ you should dispose of​ or​ recycle your PC properly.

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