Cyclists And Dogs

Cyclists And Dogs

Exploring new territory on​ your bicycle can be hazardous when you​ cross into dog territory.

Like other animals,​ dogs mark their own territory and do not take kindly to​ cyclists,​ motorists,​ joggers or​ other intruders. if​ you​ enter a​ dog's personal space,​ be prepared for the​ dog to​ enter attack mode. Snarls and furious barking will warn you,​ and if​ you​ don't leave immediately,​ the​ dog can launch an​ attack. This involves snapping at​ your heels and an​ attempt to​ bring you​ down. a​ dog attack can throw any cyclist off balance,​ and cause serious injuries. Knowing how to​ deal with dog attacks is​ an​ important safeguard to​ cycling. Children or​ inexperienced cyclists and dogs just don't mix,​ and these riders should never be allowed to​ ride where dog attacks can occur.

Dogs tend to​ attack a​ cyclist from the​ rear,​ usually from the​ hindquarter direction. However,​ not all dogs pursue their victims viciously. you​ can determine whether or​ not the​ dog has serious intentions to​ harm you​ by noting the​ gait of​ the​ dog. if​ the​ dog feels threatened,​ he will chase faster than usual. His tail will point downward,​ with mouth open and ears cocked.

If you​ see a​ dog approaching from any direction,​ be sure to​ guard the​ front wheel of​ your bicycle. if​ the​ dog suddenly lunges in​ front of​ you,​ it​ can cause a​ collision and a​ fall. Move to​ the​ farthest end of​ the​ road,​ and quickly ride away.

Letting out a​ load-throated yell is​ another way to​ deal with an​ angry dog. This tactic can momentarily surprise the​ dog and cause him to​ hesitate. if​ successful,​ use the​ extra seconds and ride away as​ fast as​ possible. However if​ the​ dog is​ still in​ attack mode,​ ball up your fists and shout angrily. Most dogs are afraid of​ human violence and may not chase after someone who poses an​ apparent threat.

It's important to​ realize that you​ can't always outrun a​ dog. Bumpy roads or​ steep tracks can cause a​ cyclist to​ make a​ particularly slow getaway. This is​ where a​ can of​ pepper spray can come in​ handy. the​ spray stings the​ nose and eyes of​ the​ dog,​ and stops him temporarily without causing any harm.

If all else fails,​ call out for help. if​ the​ dog is​ serious in​ his attack,​ protect yourself by placing the​ bicycle in​ between you​ the​ dog. Don't try to​ kick the​ dog,​ as​ this may make you​ lose your balance. if​ you​ are attacked or​ are bitten seek medical aid immediately,​ report the​ incident to​ the​ police and lodge a​ complaint against the​ owners. the​ dog will need to​ be quarantined to​ verify if​ it​ is​ rabid.

Cyclists and dogs don't always mix. Be prepared and know how to​ react if​ you​ happen to​ cross a​ territorial dog.

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