Cutting Edge Industries Need Employees With Information Technology Degrees

Cutting Edge Industries Need Employees With Information Technology

An information technology degree is​ incredibly versatile in​ today’s high tech world. Although most people think of​ information technology as​ primarily focused within the computer industry itself or​ in​ fairly traditional roles such as​ data processing and retrieval, this doesn’t cover the wide scope of​ what information technology involves.

In fact, according to​ the U.S. government, information technology degrees are in​ high demand in​ several industries that are quite surprising. While many of​ these rely on complex computer transactions and information, several focus on entirely different areas but rely on information technology to​ keep them up and running.

Software Programming and Consulting

This is​ a​ relatively traditional field for those with information technology degrees to​ go into, but there’s a​ twist. The industries that actually rely heavily on software upgrades and customization may surprise you. Banking, finance and education all rely heavily on the ability of​ programmers and consultants to​ upgrade their software as​ well as​ keeping their databases safe and secure.


Today’s advanced manufacturing facilities are highly automated with complex computer systems in​ place to​ keep things running smoothly. Electronics, computer systems and custom-designed software are all used in​ manufacturing to​ increase productivity and product quality through better control and design. Computer Aided Drafting (CAD) and Computer Aided Manufacturing (CAM) are in​ high demand in​ hundreds of​ advanced manufacturing areas from cell phones to​ automobiles.

Biotechnology and Genomics

Mapping genes, correlating voluminous amounts of​ medical and pharmaceutical research and controlling the production of​ highly volatile medical compounds requires some of​ the most advanced computing capabilities available. Bioprocessing, quality control and biotechnology research and development all rely on information technology. Human capabilities simply can’t keep pace with the complexity of​ engineering needed in​ genomic research. in​ fact, the biotech industry now needs more employees with information technology degrees than colleges and universities are producing, and the trend will continue to​ grow.


An information technology degree can put you in​ the thick of​ one of​ the most fascinating industries today – nanotechnology. This is​ the development of​ devices and systems at​ the atomic level that will improve or​ enhance current products, from drug delivery systems to​ tracking equipment and information storage. Nanotechnology uses information technologies to​ design and create products on the smallest scale imaginable by designing devises and products not visible to​ the human eye.

Mapping and Geospatial Technology

Storm tracking, newer and more detailed maps and the study of​ geology and terrain all rely on information technology systems. From the national weather service to​ real estate development firms, geological and mapping technologies area growing industries always on the lookout for professionals with information technology degrees.

Aerospace Engineering

No other industry in​ the world relies so heavily on information technology within the design and actual use of​ its products. Airplanes, helicopters, jets and space shuttles all rely on computer guided navigational and communications systems to​ one degree or​ another. From design and evaluation of​ models to​ monitoring of​ actual missions, information technology is​ integral to​ the aerospace industry.

National Security

The CIA, FBI and various other federal agencies have sought individuals holding information technology for years; today the largest employer may well be Homeland Security. Information and database management, sensor controls for security systems and simulation software for disasters all demand highly qualified it​ professionals.

Whether you enter one of​ these challenging and rewarding careers directly or​ leverage your education into becoming an​ expert in​ training others, an​ information technology degree obviously translates into success in​ many of​ today’s cutting edge industries.

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