Customer Service The Real Estate Revolution

Customer Service – the​ Real Estate Revolution
Traditionally, real estate has been viewed as​ a​ sales industry .​
But perceptions are changing .​
Agents around the​ country are coming to​ believe that the​ key to​ real estate success is​ service – not sales.
Competition and​ technology now give customers almost unlimited choices, so agents are having to​ work harder and​ spend more to​ win listings .​
They’re discovering that business success comes from repeat business and​ word-of-mouth.
And customer service is​ the​ key.
Loyalty and​ good-will can’t be bought – not even with the​ sale of​ a​ house .​
Customers like to​ be treated with honesty, respect, and​ integrity .​
They want a​ realistic and​ accurate property appraisal .​
They want an​ agent who commits to​ action .​
They want to​ be able to​ speak to​ someone who can help them when they call .​
They want to​ feel welcome when they walk into the​ office .​
They don’t want their intelligence insulted by advertising .​
They don’t want to​ be fed a​ line (even if​ it​ is​ what they’d like to​ hear…).
Agents with business sense know that if​ they can provide this customer service – if​ they can pioneer great customer service in​ real estate – they’ll have a​ real edge on their competitors .​
Far from being an​ impediment to​ success, they see today’s marketplace as​ an​ opportunity to​ flourish .​
Obviously, the​ sale is​ still critical, but it’s part of​ a​ greater whole – almost like a​ critical KPI (Key Performance Indicator) .​
It’s based on the​ simple premise – serve and​ you will sell .​
The premise holds true because all the​ pre-requisites of​ a​ sale are intrinsic to​ good customer service: the​ price is​ realistic, the​ marketing is​ intelligent, the​ advertising appropriate, and​ commitments are made and​ kept .​
Vendors, buyers, landlords, and​ tenants alike receive the​ same high level of​ customer service .​
5 Quick Tips for​ Finding a​ Service Oriented Agent
1) Ask to​ see references – It’s not that much different from a​ job interview .​
Think of​ the​ agent as​ the​ job seeker, and​ encourage them to​ prove their customer service qualifications .​
The right agent will be only too happy to​ provide as​ many references as​ you’d care to​ see .​
2) Analyse their business growth – Assuming their references are in​ order, ask after their business growth .​
References provide you with qualitative evidence of​ customer focus .​
You should supplement this with something quantitative .​
If the​ agent is​ still growing rapidly in​ today’s environment, then they must be doing something right .​
3) Analyse their market share – Like growth, market share can be an​ indicator of​ customer focus .​
Ask what their share of​ the​ target market is​ .​
4) Observe their behaviour – Do they return phone calls? Do they commit to​ action? Do they meet their commitments? Are the​ punctual? Do they keep you informed? Do they remember important details you provide them?
5) Gauge access to​ staff – When you first called, did you get to​ speak to​ someone who could help you? if​ not – if​ they took your name and​ number and​ told you they’d get someone to​ call you back, this might be indicative of​ their customer service approach.

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