Customer Service Is Long Term Advertising

Customer Service Is Long Term Advertising

Have you ever considered premier customer service to​ be a​ part of​ your advertising budget? I am envisioning glazed looks and​ a​ sudden shift in​ interest. Since I don’t want you to​ tune this out I’ll jump right into the​ details.

If you have an​ unhappy customer you will also find that most of​ them will become advertisers for​ your business. of​ course they won’t be the​ type of​ advertisers you are looking for.

In the​ past, radio advertising representatives were often told by potential advertisers they didn’t believe advertising worked, but if​ that radio station ad rep were to​ tell the​ customer, “Well, we’d be happy to​ provide advertising that points out the​ negative aspects of​ your business at​ no cost because we’d like to​ prove to​ you that advertising works,” the​ business owner would typically back peddle. in​ this case the​ advertiser knows that advertising works they either don’t want to​ advertise or​ their budget won’t allow them to​ do so – but they certainly don’t want negative advertising.

The truth is​ negative advertising is​ acted on by more consumers than positive advertising. You can point out all the​ positives you want, but if​ you have a​ customer service issue that you don’t take care of, the​ damage of​ negative advertising may be subtle, but it​ will impact your business in​ a​ negative way. if​ you have too many unresolved customer service issues the​ damage may be hard to​ overcome.

So, you see, the​ truth is​ premier customer service should be a​ part of​ your advertising budget. That’s right, you should consider spending some money to​ achieve quality customer service.

A happy customer will be more likely to​ pass along word of​ mouth and​ email referrals. You may never know whom they told, but if​ you build trust in​ positive customer service you can be certain it​ can be nothing less than positive for​ your company. as​ with any advertising it​ can be hard to​ pinpoint how and​ when an​ individual heard about your business, but quality customer service will reap long-term benefits.

Too many businesses view customer service as​ something they will ‘try to​ do their best at’. if​ you don’t put together a​ specified plan of​ action in​ dealing with customers you will probably drop the​ ball and​ you’re failure to​ communicate will be noticed.

Look at​ it​ this way; your customer already placed trust in​ you for​ their original purchase. if​ you can be decisive in​ your handling of​ customer complaints you are essentially enlisting a​ new form of​ advertising. Word of​ mouth is​ a​ form of​ advertising that has always been a​ positive to​ business. it​ doesn’t matter if​ your business is​ homegrown or​ an​ offshoot of​ an​ existing brick and​ mortar corporation. Help your customers find a​ reason to​ come back for​ more.

There will always be water cooler conversations, make sure when the​ subject of​ your business comes up somewhere in​ the​ world today the​ comments from at​ least one knowledgeable customer places you in​ the​ ‘websites to​ investigate’ file in​ the​ minds of​ co-workers.

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