Custom Computers 04

Custom Computers 04

A lot of​ people assume that custom computers are less affordable than other systems,​ but this is​ not usually the​ case .​
You see,​ while a​ company like Dell or​ IBM has the​ name recognition to​ charge a​ lot of​ money for a​ new computer,​ most custom built computers are made by small companies trying to​ get as​ many customers as​ they can just to​ make ends meet .​
This means that you can get some great deals on​ custom desktop computers if​ you are willing to​ trust small businesses over the​ big PC factories .​
There are definitely advantages and disadvantages to​ getting your computer custom made,​ so you should consider both the​ pros and the​ cons.
One of​ the​ biggest drawbacks to​ custom computers is​ that they often do not have the​ support that the​ bigger companies have .​
The first time I​ bought a​ custom personal computer,​ it​ was defective .​
It was a​ big hassle,​ because it​ was hard to​ get ahold of​ anyone .​
It actually took me a​ few months to​ get my money back,​ because the​ people at​ the​ shop seemed to​ be trying to​ avoid me .​
The best way to​ avoid having something like that happen to​ you is​ to​ make sure to​ research the​ custom computer seller that you buy from .​
There are many reputable names in​ the​ business .​
I​ made the​ mistake of​ buying my system from someone who was not well known and,​ as​ a​ result,​ I​ got a​ rotten deal .​
Since then,​ however,​ I​ have bought from companies that I​ know I​ can trust .​
This has made it​ easy for me to​ get someone to​ help me when things do go wrong.
One of​ the​ biggest advantages of​ custom computers is,​ of​ course,​ more bang for your buck .​
a​ lot of​ these machines are built with the​ cheapest parts that the​ builders can find,​ and the​ savings get passed on​ to​ you .​
You also have more options than with your average machine .​
Most personal computers come loaded with Windows Vista nowadays,​ but with custom computers,​ you can get Linux if​ you prefer,​ a​ better choice for many users .​
In addition,​ custom computer builders can listen to​ you and design a​ pc that is​ right for your needs .​
That way,​ you will not have to​ go back and upgrade as​ soon as​ you would otherwise .​
All in​ all,​ it​ is​ the​ best choice in​ my opinion.

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