Custom Coasters Are A Unique Version Of Subtle Advertising

Custom Coasters Are A Unique Version Of Subtle Advertising

Americans are inundated with advertisements daily. Advertising has gone from the​ basic commercial and​ billboard to​ product placement on television and​ even the​ ABC network’s new lineup on dry cleaning bags. the​ amount of​ ads seen daily is​ overwhelming to​ the​ average consumer. They are everywhere, bombarding the​ consumer with this product or​ that, and​ sometimes, the​ medium has nothing to​ do with the​ product. According to​ Bart Cleveland, creative director of​ McKee Wallwark Cleveland in​ Albuquerque, NM, “There is​ something a​ bit presumptuous about all of​ this ‘ad wallpaper.’ it​ is​ a​ shortsighted way of​ communicating with the​ consumer, because an​ ad is​ an​ uninvited guest.”

However, he says that unconventional advertising media does have its place, as​ long as​ it​ complements the​ product or​ business it​ is​ promoting. There is​ a​ way to​ advertise your company without alienating your potential customer. He calls it​ “subtle advertising.” One prime example of​ this is​ wholesale custom coasters. Wholesale custom coasters are perfect for​ a​ bar, restaurant or​ beverage company. it​ complements the​ product and​ will not leave your potential customer with a​ bad taste in​ his or​ her mouth.

Subtle advertising does not mean that the​ ad goes unnoticed. Wholesale custom coasters are noticed by those who use them, especially if​ they are brilliantly colored and​ designed. There are many different ways to​ design advertisements using custom coasters. With a​ wide array of​ colors and​ styles to​ choose from, the​ possibilities are innumerable. Custom coasters are often used in​ bars and​ restaurants and​ are a​ great way to​ advertise businesses because they are noticed and​ talked about.

Say you’re in​ a​ bar and​ you order your favorite drink. When the​ bartender sets it​ down on a​ unique looking coaster, what are you going to​ be looking at, the​ drink, or​ the​ coaster? the​ great thing about custom coasters is​ that they are advertising that doesn’t scream, “Buy, buy, buy!” at​ the​ consumer. They can enjoy the​ advertisement and​ their favorite beverage at​ the​ same time. Wholesale custom coasters could be the​ subtle approach to​ advertising that your business is​ missing.

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