Cultivating Obedience In Your Dogs

Cultivating Obedience In Your Dogs

They are man's "best friend",​ but like your real friends,​ dogs also have annoying habits that you​ normally despise. But because you​ love them,​ you​ suffer for it​ until you​ can't take anymore. Just as​ we all try to​ talk to​ our human friends about their bad habits,​ it​ is​ also vital that we do the​ same for our pets. This is​ not impossible since dogs are proven to​ be intelligent animals. Experience also proves that they can pick up and understand instructions with proper training. in​ fact,​ training your human friends to​ ditch their bad habits is​ harder than training your pets.

Dogs are naturally diggers. it​ might be some part of​ their genes that make them such enthusiastic diggers. it​ is​ amusing to​ watch them dig and bury whatever they like. But,​ it​ is​ equally irritating when your pets leave unsightly clumps of​ dirt on​ your manicured lawn. Other than the​ cartoon tradition of​ burying bones,​ there are other reasons why your pets dig. These reasons also differ depending on​ their breed and age. Younger and more "macho" breeds like Great Danes or​ Rottweilers dig because of​ pent-up and excess energy. if​ this is​ the​ case,​ frequent exercise,​ walks,​ and training release these energies. Your pets are likely to​ be too exhausted to​ think of​ digging and your lawn efforts are not wasted. However,​ if​ your mutt is​ of​ the​ breeding age,​ the​ most likely reason behind its digging is​ a​ female. Your pet is​ probably digging to​ reach the​ next door bitch. Having your pet neutered is​ the​ only solution. However,​ there are cases when your pets dig because they just want to. in​ cases like this,​ your best bet is​ to​ train your dog not to​ dig by spraying the​ grass with non-toxic repellants. you​ can set aside a​ portion of​ the​ yard in​ which your pets can dig as​ much as​ they want. Remember to​ find them a​ spot in​ your backyard and not on​ your front lawn.

Other than lawn-digging,​ destructive chewing is​ a​ common problem of​ most pet owners. There are three reasons why mutts engage in​ this activity: attention,​ boredom,​ and teething. Neglecting your pets' play time but chasing them when they got hold of​ your shoes are common scenarios. Scenarios like these teach them that chewing stuff is​ a​ way to​ frolic with you. Bored pets also have strong inclinations to​ be chewers. Teething is​ also a​ likely cause of​ chewing problems especially with younger pets. a​ way to​ stop your pets' chewing habits is​ to​ spend time with them through playing. Provide dogs with chewable toys and play catch. They will soon understand that these chew toys are the​ only things they are allowed to​ chew.

These problems are easily prevented if​ you​ make it​ clear to​ your dogs that you​ expect obedience from them. There are dog training camps for unruly pets and lots of​ articles in​ the​ internet for personal dog training. Dogs are not problems at​ all if​ you​ cultivate obedience in​ them.

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