Croatia An Emerging European Real Estate Hotspot

Croatia An Emerging European Real Estate Hotspot

Croatia: an​ Emerging European Real Estate Hotspot
Croatia is​ an​ Eastern European success story and​ a​ country quickly developing an​ incredibly exciting real estate market into which foreign investment is​ free flowing .​

Since Croatia achieved independence from the​ former federal independent communist state of​ Yugoslavia in​ 1991 its democratically elected government has worked tirelessly to​ prove to​ its own people and​ the​ outside world that it​ is​ committed to​ creating an​ independent and​ successful country .​

As a​ result, Croatia has joined the​ Partnership for​ Peace Program with NATO, the​ World Trade Organisation and​ the​ European Free Trade Association and​ is​ now on track for​ full European Union membership by 2018 .​
All of​ these facts alone stand to​ prove the​ Croatian government’s commitment to​ creating a​ competitive country with a​ successful market economy, and​ all of​ these facts have resulted in​ many major multinational companies relocating European headquarters to​ competitive Croatia.
Now add to​ this positive data the​ fact that Croatia is​ a​ stunningly beautiful country with 6,000 km of​ unspoilt coastline, a​ Mediterranean climate, mountains, lakes, forests and​ wildlife in​ abundance and​ a​ rapidly developing tourism industry, and​ hopefully you can begin to​ smell the​ potential!
As a​ direct result of​ the​ foreign investment flowing into Croatia in​ both the​ business and​ tourism sectors the​ country is​ becoming more successful, more wealthy and​ more desirable as​ a​ place to​ live, work, invest and​ holiday.
It is​ because of​ this perfect combination of​ factors that Croatia is​ emerging as​ a​ European real estate hotspot with demand from holiday makers for​ hotel and​ villa accommodation, demand from second home hunters looking for​ everything from apartments in​ the​ major towns and​ cities to​ rural retreats in​ the​ stunning Croatian countryside and​ demand from expatriates and​ international executives for​ houses and​ apartments to​ let.
A real estate investor looking for​ a​ secure emerging market with masses of​ potential for​ profit should consider Croatia.
For property developers there are substantial opportunities available in​ the​ tourism sector with demand for​ hotel accommodation outstripping supply currently .​
for​ those hoping to​ profit from maximum short term capital gains on real estate there’s the​ potential to​ purchase off plan properties and​ flip upon completion by reselling to​ the​ waiting holiday and​ second home market .​
Alternatively for​ those hoping to​ derive an​ income from their overseas real estate investments there’s the​ chance to​ let out units to​ the​ tourism market, the​ local market and​ also the​ expatriate market.
Croatia offers every real estate investor the​ potential they seek from their property investment.

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