Critter Cam Tv

Critter Cam Tv

Critter Cam TV
Have you ever wondered what is​ might be to​ lead a​ dogs life or​ what that lazy cat does all day? Would you like to​ know what life must be like, seeing it​ on the​ end of​ a​ lead 10 inches of​ the​ ground...
Well you don't have to​ wonder any more, because you can now buy a​ critter cam.
These amazing little hidden camera kits have been especially designed for​ your cat or​ dog and​ are great fun and​ don't hurt or​ disturb your pet in​ anyway.
We could not understand why our cat was getting fatter and​ fatter, the​ vet told us to​ cut down on his food which we did, and​ he continued to​ get fatter .​
And this is​ one lazy cat, so we knew he wasn't out hunting .​
So we got a​ critter cam, put it​ on Dennis and​ set up the​ recorder, and​ went off to​ work as​ normal.
When we got home that evening we all sat down and​ watched a​ day in​ the​ life of​ Dennis, Our Fat Cat.
This mainly consisted of​ him going around the​ neighborhood, going through cat doors and​ gorging himself on all the​ food that our neighbors had put out for​ their cats.
Lesson learned.
What does Dennis do the​ rest of​ the​ day, a​ little romancing and​ a​ lot of​ sleeping… the​ places that he chooses to​ do his sleeping raised a​ few eyebrows and​ ensured that the​ recording was only seen by the​ family after one of​ the​ adults had done some editing.
They have other great uses as​ well, maybe you want to​ make sure that your pet is​ not being mistreated or​ they wander off for​ days at​ a​ time and​ your not sure where to .​
What ever the​ reason these critter cams are easy and​ fun to​ use .​
Buy one today from the​ Spy Shop, great for​ Christmas presents.

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