Critical Web Design Rules

Critical Web Design Rules

Content is​ King! if​ you want a​ website to​ generate back-links and​ have quality content the​ search engines love, be sure to​ make it​ readable by both people and​ search engines. Search engines are working to​ give people quality results. Thus, they are looking for​ sites with quality content. So by building site content for​ people, not only are you getting back to​ basics (information dissemination to​ people via the​ Internet), you are creating a​ site search engines will love. So, build sites for​ people and​ the​ search engines will come.

When creating a​ new website or​ redesigning an​ existing site, there are four critical rules which should be followed to​ make the​ site effective, functional, loved by search engines - and​ successful.

Easy to​ Read

When building a​ website, the​ first thing you need to​ be sure of​ is​ that your website is​ easy to​ read. When you write content, remember that most web site visitors don’t read every word of​ a​ page - in​ fact, they only scan pages to​ find what they want.

Break up Your Content
Break up your pages and​ use headers between major ideas so people scanning your site can find what they want quickly. Use meaningful headers between each paragraph or​ major idea this helps with SEO. Headers should be created with the​ H1 through H4 tags for​ SEO. Always use good writing structure. Additionally, avoid long paragraphs that run on. You should break up any long paragraphs.

Color and​ Fonts
To help readability, use high contrast colors between font and​ background. Black text against a​ white background may seem stark, but it​ is​ very readable. to​ make a​ website easy on the​ eyes, try an​ off-white background and​ a​ dark gray (almost black) text color.

Things to​ avoid with content color:
  • Avoid vibrant background colors like purple or​ yellow. Such back colors make text difficult to​ read.

  • Avoid using an​ image behind your text.

  • Avoid using bright text colors on bright backgrounds.

  • Standard Compliant Browser for​ Development
    When developing and​ testing your site, use a​ Standards compliant browser like FireFox. if​ you develop your site to​ be standards compliant, it​ will work in​ most browsers, including MS Internet Explorer (IE). it​ is​ recommended that you test your site using the​ latest and​ last browser versions of​ IE (IE6 and​ IE7). to​ run multiple versions of​ IE on the​ same machine, has a​ free installer that will install multiple versions of​ IE. it​ works great!

    Keywords in​ Content
    Of course, when writing content, not only should it​ be formatted to​ be readable, but it​ must also be consumable by not only people, but by search engines. One way to​ make the​ subject of​ the​ content known to​ search engines is​ to​ use the​ keywords that people use to​ search for​ your site in​ your content. Be sure to​ use keywords in​ your header tags, your first paragraph and​ throughout your text. the​ keyword density should be between 4% and​ 7% - but any more than that could 1) be hard to​ read and​ still make sense and​ 2) be considered spam by search engines and​ banned. Keywords should also be used in​ your TITLE tags and​ your Meta description.

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