Criminal Justice Degrees Online Increasingly Popular With Tv Generation

Criminal Justice Degrees Online Increasingly Popular With Tv Generation

Online education is​ one of​ the​ fastest growing ways to​ get a​ degree these days and​ criminal justice degrees online are some of​ the​ most popular. Experts say that part of​ the​ increased interest in​ criminology programs can be traced to​ the​ amazing popularity of​ criminal justice programs on television.

Dramas that Highlight Criminal Justice Work

While cop shows have been around for​ decades, today’s television programs are more sophisticated and​ focus more on the​ investigative and​ procedural work that requires some kind of​ criminal justice education. Law & Order and​ its spin-offs (Special Victims Unit and​ Criminal Intent) portray crimes from the​ investigation by police officers to​ the​ final stages of​ the​ trial. This unique perspective has shown police work in​ a​ new light for​ today’s generation. These police officers also work closely with the​ state’s attorneys and​ the​ victims. the​ program also introduces viewers to​ criminal justice professionals such as​ parole officers, prison guards and​ juvenile court officers. the​ many facets of​ these characters illustrate just how varied and​ exciting criminal justice careers can be.

Another popular program is​ Without a​ Trace, based on a​ branch of​ the​ FBI’s missing person’s division. Viewers know that members of​ the​ FBI are expected to​ have a​ degree in​ some field having to​ do with law enforcement in​ order to​ pursue criminal cases as​ an​ agent, increasing the​ prestige of​ a​ criminal justice degree, online or​ in​ a​ bricks and​ mortar school. in​ many cases, individuals who thought criminal justice work was limited to​ becoming a​ police officer are especially intrigued by television programs that offer alternative opportunities such as​ federal agent.

Perhaps one of​ the​ most innovative programs on the​ air today is​ Vega$, which most people don’t think of​ as​ a​ law enforcement show. However, in​ many episodes security concerns are at​ the​ forefront of​ the​ story line. Investigating unknown gamblers, ensuring the​ safety of​ jackpots and​ making sure the​ staff aren’t bribed or​ compromised in​ any way are all concerns of​ the​ security team at​ the​ casino.

Reality TV Adds Its Impact

No one can deny the​ profound impact of​ reality TV on people’s opinions and​ interests. What may be surprising is​ that reality shows about law enforcement are some of​ the​ biggest successes out there. Dog the​ Bounty Hunter follows the​ day-to-day work of​ a​ man and​ his wife who are professional bounty hunters in​ Hawaii. Those who are interested in​ this line of​ work know from watching the​ show that they will have to​ be familiar with everything from current law enforcement practices to​ the​ behavioral science of​ apprehending suspects. Getting a​ criminal justice degree online can be the​ first step toward getting licensed for​ this kind of​ specialized work.

American Justice makes armchair investigators out of​ many viewers. This unique program offers both sides of​ a​ criminal case, from the​ initial investigation through the​ actual trial, and​ then asks viewers what they think before revealing the​ jury’s verdict. Some episodes have follow-up reports on older cases as​ well. All of​ these can inspire individuals who think that they would be suited to​ the​ complex, time-consuming investigative process or​ who believe they could have "done it​ better" than the​ people profiled.

Although television programs a​ few decades ago tended to​ idealize being a​ police officer, detective or​ sheriff’s deputy, the​ trend now is​ toward realistic portrayals. Interestingly, the​ most realistic the​ programming has become, the​ greater the​ interest seems to​ be in​ pursuing a​ criminal justice degree online. Perhaps part of​ this is​ because viewers are coming to​ realize that people in​ the​ criminal justice system, although they are heroes, are merely human, just like them. Realizing this seems to​ have inspired a​ new generation to​ enter law enforcement, which is​ good for​ everyone’s future.

Criminal Justice Degrees Online Increasingly Popular With Tv Generation

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