Creating A Wireless Desktop

Creating a​ Wireless Desktop
We live in​ an​ age of​ technology and​ as​ such we are always looking for​ ways to​ make life easier or​ ways to​ make things look better .​
In the​ home or​ office (or even the​ home office) making things look better involves getting rid of​ clutter .​
This is​ where the​ wireless desktop comes into play .​
No wires means less clutter and​ because when using Bluetooth wireless devices line of​ sight is​ not needed, you can use your desk space to​ its optimum with no worries.

There is​ more to​ the​ wireless desktop than you might think as​ well .​
You will all be aware that you can get a​ wireless keyboard and​ mouse .​
But wireless technology and​ Bluetooth in​ particular stretches much further than that .​
Your mobile phone if​ a​ recent one will probably have Bluetooth technology built into it .​
This means that you can easily connect it​ to​ your PC .​
Companies such as​ Logitech offer software that really gets your mobile phone and​ your PC working together .​
Synchronization is​ just one aspect of​ this, but how about being able to​ type an​ SMS text message on your keyboard and​ send it​ without having to​ touch your phone .​
This is​ all possible with the​ power of​ Bluetooth .​
Communication with your mobile phone is​ not the​ only method of​ contact with Bluetooth .​
You can also get Bluetooth headsets that work with Microsoft Messenger so you can add an​ easy chat functionality to​ your desktop .​
As new products come on the​ market Bluetooth becomes more and​ more popular .​
Peripheral devices such as​ Printers and​ Scanners can now be found.
The Wireless Keyboard and​ Mouse
This is​ the​ first device that you will probably buy for​ your wireless desktop .​
This is​ the​ basic starting point and​ probably the​ most effective .​
The keyboard and​ mouse wires cannot be hidden away from sight as​ they have to​ be straight in​ front of​ you .​
plus limiting the​ mouse wire can mean limiting the​ mouse movement as​ well .​
So a​ wireless keyboard and​ mouse will give you a​ better looking desktop as​ well as​ freedom to​ move your keyboard where you want it .​
You can have it​ on your lap or​ anywhere else in​ range .​
Having a​ wireless mouse will also help in​ gaming .​
Most wireless mice are just as​ responsive as​ corded ones and​ your wire wont snag at​ that vital moment when online gaming.
Wireless Printers
While printers are not being produced as​ wireless as​ yet .​
The idea is​ very much being worked on .​
Currently what you can by for​ your USB connected printers is​ a​ two small connecters that plug into your printer and​ USB port which connect together like a​ wireless network .​
Its almost a​ wireless USB connection if​ you like .​
I​ doubt that is​ how it​ will be described though .​
The advantages of​ the​ wireless printer as​ well as​ the​ lack of​ wires behind your PC is​ the​ range can be increased as​ well as​ you being able to​ place your printer in​ a​ place where a​ USB cable would be unsuitable to​ travel .​
a​ second advantage would be that connecting your printer to​ a​ wireless network for​ sharing will be much easier.
Wireless Networking
I think the​ biggest advantage of​ wireless technology has to​ be Wireless Networking .​
While Bluetooth technology is​ does not have the​ range in​ which to​ be affective at​ networking computers together .​
RF technology is​ still used however and​ is​ very easy to​ setup .​
For a​ simple network (peer to​ peer) on two computers all you need is​ two wireless networking cards setup to​ the​ same channel .​
More complex networks can also be setup using a​ server and​ workstations .​
Anything you can do with a​ wired network you can do with wireless technology.
While we keep saying that the​ main advantage of​ wireless technology is​ that you don't have wires lying around everywhere, this is​ more true than ever when we are talking about wireless networking .​
When your computers are likely to​ be located in​ different room, the​ last thing you want is​ for​ wires to​ be laid around your home or​ office being an​ eyesore .​
Plus should you wish to​ move your computer at​ anytime, you don't have to​ re-route the​ wires connecting your network together .​
Security on Wireless networks is​ set by adding a​ name for​ your network which all computers on that network must be assigned to​ connect to, plus then you can add a​ password to​ keep unwanted intruders out from your files .​
Software firewalls are also recommended on wireless connections (as well as​ wired) just for​ added security against unwanted virus' or​ Adware/Spyware.
Wireless Headphones / Microphone
Wireless headphones are readily available from many manufacturers .​
These are really one of​ the​ most practical uses of​ wireless technology behind the​ networking .​
Wireless headphones allow you to​ freely listen to​ your music, game or​ whatever noise your PC is​ making anywhere in​ your room without the​ restriction of​ wires .​
Even if​ your wires are long enough they will still be a​ little dangerous stretched across the​ room .​
And we all know you like to​ dance around your room listening to​ your favourite tracks .​
a​ set of​ wireless headphones could save you a​ few quid on broken items that your headphone wires have snagged on and​ brought crashing down to​ the​ floor :).
Wireless Speakers
Wireless speakers are poking out of​ the​ woodwork and​ those of​ you that have a​ 5.1 or​ above sound system will just how many wires are involved in​ that setup .​
Not only do you have connection to​ the​ computer but each speaker is​ connected to​ the​ sub / power box and​ and you also have the​ volume control to​ deal with .​
At time of​ writing this the​ US seem to​ have a​ decent supply of​ wireless speakers where as​ only a​ few can be found in​ the​ UK .​
I​ am very sure that wireless speakers will become a​ lot more popular in​ the​ UK over the​ next couple of​ months .​
Wireless speakers will remove loads of​ wires from the​ back of​ your computer .​
Using a​ 5.1 wireless system will allow you to​ place your speakers in​ the​ perfect position without any restrictions or​ ugly wires running along your walls or​ floor.

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