Create A Sports First Aid Kit

Create A Sports First Aid Kit

When creating a​ first aid kit for​ sports players, determine what the​ primary needs could be. Customize your kit to​ fit the​ sport's first aid needs. What types of​ injuries are likely to​ occur, and​ what supplies might be needed? Perhaps bandages for​ cuts, ice packs for​ pain and​ swelling, and​ sunscreen for​ sunburn.

Here are some suggested supplies to​ include in​ a​ sports first aid kit:

Include a​ first aid guide or​ manual.

General first aid supplies include: Antiseptic wipes, tweezers, a​ needle, thermometer, safety pins, Flashlight, disposable gloves, a​ CPR mouthpiece, a​ blanket, tissues, matches and​ scissors.

For pain and​ swelling, include cold packs and​ Ibuprofen.

For cuts, scrapes and​ blisters: Different sized bandages, sterile gauze, adhesive tape, antiseptic solution and​ non-stick gauze pads.

Sun protection and​ heat exhaustion can be treated with a​ misting water bottle, cold packs, sunscreen, lip balm, and​ Aloe Vera lotion.

For sprains, fractures or​ pulled muscles, include Neoprene joint braces, compression bandages/ice wraps and​ cold packs. Also include two triangle-shaped pieces of​ cloth to​ act as​ a​ sling or​ tourniquet.

Include calamine lotion, epinephrine (for bee stings) and​ Antihistamine tablets for​ general allergies.

In the​ case of​ serious injuries, be sure to​ have a​ cell phone with emergency phone numbers, a​ whistle, maps and​ directions to​ nearest medical facility.

While you may not actually include this in​ your kit, be sure that you prepare for​ dehydration with water bottles or​ sport drinks.

Assemble your supplies and​ customize your sports first aid kit for​ your particular needs. Use a​ large, insulated tote to​ carry your supplies. an​ insulated tote will keep pre-frozen ice packs cold for​ several hours.

Note: This information is​ not intended as​ a​ substitute for​ professional medical information. Always seek medical assistance in​ the​ event of​ a​ serious injury.

Create A Sports First Aid Kit

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