Create My Own Webpage A Personal Review

Create My Own Webpage A Personal Review

Recently I signed up for​ Myspace so that I could create my own webpage. Personally, I felt it​ would be fun to​ have my own personal space to​ keep track of​ daily happenings by means of​ a​ blog, or​ maybe save and​ display my favorite pictures and​ even make some new friends in​ cyberspace.

Sure, I thought it​ would be a​ cool way to​ keep in​ touch with friends in​ Toronto to​ keep them updated of​ happenings here in​ Winnipeg, and​ to​ let them keep an​ eye on our kids as​ they grow and​ adapt to​ life in​ the​ Peg.

After some time, I quickly got frustrated after only a​ couple of​ meager attempts to​ create my own webpage with Myspace. I wasn’t sure what I was expecting – but I guess I wanted the​ PC to​ in​ some way discern my preferences and​ information without me having to​ key it​ all in. So yes, I chalk it​ up to​ being pretty darn lazy. Though I did manage to​ complete my profile halfway through, however I feel that when I’m put on the​ spot to​ produce content, I always think of​ really unexciting interests, hobbies and​ favorites, and​ then I'm left kicking myself when I come across as​ a​ loser, a​ poser or​ even worse, just plain dull!

Perhaps, the​ secret to​ success is​ when I take the​ time to​ sit down to​ create my own webpage and​ plan it​ all out on paper before I key it​ in. and​ sure, that takes some consideration and​ planning and​ I seem to​ be greatly lacking in​ those two particular departments.

For a​ while, I did have a​ personal blog page, and​ I quite liked the​ approach. for​ sure, I’m pretty good at​ blathering on about this, that and​ the​ next thing. Now this was a​ way to​ kill two birds with one stone - I'd found my creative outlet and​ I would in​ the​ process create my own webpage. Unfortunately, the​ novelty soon wore off pretty quickly with that too and​ I ended up with an​ abandoned blog page with a​ mere handful of​ entries.

I somehow do not comprehend why the​ idea of​ having a​ webpage appeals to​ me so much. Truly, it’s just another responsibility that will hang over my head with all the​ others. or​ maybe if​ I am able to​ dictate my own webpage just by using my voice, perhaps I may be more inclined to​ make a​ go at​ it. Till then, I'm stuck with a​ dull, boring profile page, and​ empty friends list and​ hey do you remember the​ URL again?

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