Create More Sale Opportunities With Two Simple Ideas

Create More Sale Opportunities With Two Simple Ideas

Create More Sale Opportunities with Two Simple Ideas
If you are in​ sales you know one of​ the most challenging aspects of​ what you do is​ getting in​ front of​ prospects. Prospects and clients are bombarded constantly with items that promote, market, or​ advertise what people do. So we sell, buy, receive, file, or​ throw away items that we’re just not sure what to​ do with. Millions of​ dollars in​ advertising and promotions end up in​ the trash, completely ineffective and wasted.

The question becomes How do you keep your promotional advertising and unique marketing items out of​ the trash and on the desk? The answer is​ simple use creative and appropriate methods to​ get recognized.

Sales is​ really about the ability to​ think quickly, be flexible, creative and innovation. Regardless of​ what some people may believe, marketing is​ a​ huge part of​ the sales process. if​ you want to​ stand apart from the competition, you need to​ do more than sell products. You need to​ know how to​ get your foot in​ the door. to​ get your foot in​ the door you have to​ market. However, it​ also means making sure you have the right door and a​ plan for keeping your foot there.

Selling is​ also about taking stock of​ your market, your prospective customer, and yourself before you even go aknocking. it​ is​ about knowing you are doing the right thing for the right reasons.

Selling is​ truly an art. it​ is​ not just about getting the business. it​ is​ knowing you are making a​ difference in​ the lives of​ others with the product or​ service you provide. it​ is​ being of​ service to​ others, loving what you do and having fun while you do it.

Following are two fun ideas from the book, 101 Ways to​ Get Your Foot in​ the Door.

Growing Solutions
A lot of​ selling is​ about assisting prospects during periods of​ growth.

The gift of​ a​ live plant is​ a​ great way to​ get your foot in​ the door. Most everyone appreciates plants. They bring life into a​ dull space and provide beauty as​ well. You’d be hard pushed to​ find a​ prospect who will deepsix your gift of​ a​ plant.

You can play on the words growth and growing while sending a​ gift that will stay in​ the office and on the prospect’s desk.

Along with your card include a​ note that reads

We are interested in​ helping during this rapid period of​ growth.
Is your business growing to​ the point that you need our service?
We’d love to​ help you grow.
Instructions for growth Water once a​ day and call us at​ ______.
Congratulations on your growth.

Don’t be stingy if​ you’re going to​ do this. Buy a​ big healthy plant and have it​ professionally potted and delivered. The presentation and delivery are as​ important as​ the clever play on words.

New Company in​ Town
A great way to​ get your foot in​ the door is​ to​ be helpful long before you knock on it. When a​ new company hits town send them a​ My Favorites list that refers them to​ the best people, places, and professionals in​ town.

Make sure these are reputable companies and individuals who offer quality products and services. if​ there is​ a​ specific contact, include that person’s name and number.

A My Favorites list could include
Chambers of​ Commerce
Conference centers
Local associations and contact numbers
Local printer
Media contacts
Restaurants think about including a​ takeout menu
Office supply store
Places of​ interest
Travel agents

Remember to​ include yourself and your services!

Once they receive your list, follow up and ask if​ you can be of​ assistance in​ any way. The Law of​ Reciprocity is​ a​ strong one!

The ideas for getting your foot in​ the door are endless. Again, all it​ takes is​ making sure you have the right door, you are appropriately creative, you believe in​ your product or​ service, and you are willing to​ take a​ risk.

Create More Sale Opportunities With Two Simple Ideas

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