Crate Training Your Pit Bull Terrier Dog

Crate Training Your Pit Bull Terrier Dog

Before crate training your Pit Bull puppy,​ you'll need to​ acquire a​ crate. There are many types and variations of​ crates available for purchase. it​ is​ important to​ pick the​ type of​ crate that will best suit the​ needs of​ both you​ and your puppy.

You should also take into consideration the​ size of​ your dog now,​ and how large he may be when fully grown to​ avoid having to​ purchase more than one crate. it​ is​ also important to​ remember that the​ crate will be his own individual space,​ and you​ want to​ make it​ as​ comfortable as​ possible so that your Pit Bull will enjoy his time there.

Since the​ puppy will be spending a​ lot of​ time in​ his crate,​ you​ should put several of​ his favorite toys and treats in​ the​ crate for him. Keep in​ mind that any toy you​ purchase should be large enough for the​ dog not to​ be able to​ swallow it,​ to​ avoid any injury to​ your pet. Having toys to​ chew own will not only give the​ dog something to​ chew that he can’t destroy,​ but it​ will help to​ prevent boredom while he is​ in​ the​ crate.

Due to​ the​ strength of​ the​ Pit Bull,​ it​ is​ important to​ purchase tough toys that are made to​ last. They tend to​ really like Kong toys,​ and they can be stuffed with treats,​ which will usually keep him interested at​ least for a​ couple of​ hours,​ or​ until he gets all the​ treats. you​ can also purchase bones and toys that are especially made for Pit Bulls,​ they are tougher and usually safer for them to​ have than regular toys and bones. Regular bones,​ such as​ rawhide bones,​ can be dangerous for Pit Bulls,​ because they are strong enough to​ chew off bits of​ bone and get them lodged in​ their digestive tract.

If your Pit Bull will be spending more than two hours in​ the​ crate,​ it​ is​ a​ good idea to​ equip it​ with a​ water bottle in​ case he gets thirsty. Many pet stores sell the​ same type of​ water bottles that are used for hamsters or​ gerbils,​ just in​ larger sizes. These tend to​ work well in​ the​ Pit Bull’s crate.

You should also put some kind of​ bedding in​ the​ crate to​ help your Pit Bull puppy be more comfortable. Old towels or​ soft blankets usually suit this purpose very well. Occasionally Pit Bull puppies will chew their bedding,​ if​ this happens,​ be sure to​ remove all the​ pieces so that the​ puppy doesn’t swallow them. if​ the​ puppy wets his bedding,​ just remove it​ until the​ puppy stops using his crate as​ a​ bathroom,​ then put it​ back in.

Since the​ crate is​ your Pit Bull’s own private space,​ it​ is​ important not to​ let children or​ visitors play with him while he is​ in​ his crate. He should be left alone to​ play or​ rest as​ he likes. if​ someone wants to​ play with him,​ he should be taken out of​ his crate first. you​ want your Pit to​ like being in​ his crate,​ and feel comfortable spending time there.

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