Craigslist Helps Real Estate Agents Reach Buyers

Craigslist Helps Real Estate Agents Reach Buyers

They say the​ bubble is​ bursting, but you would not know it​ by the​ over 32,669 active housing listings from the​ past 7 days alone in​ the​ San Francisco section on Real estate sales are alive and​ well on Craigslist with the​ real estate sales section as​ the​ #3 most popular category, more agents are realizing the​ power and​ value in​ using Craigslist to​ reach new buyers.

What is​ Craigslist?
Started in​ 1995 by Craig Newmark, was initially created to​ help people find affordable housing in​ San Francisco. Craigslist is​ now the​ most popular online classifieds website in​ the​ world, with over 10 million visitors monthly and​ growing. Craigslist features 300 available cities across 35 countries for​ posting. Everyday people come looking to​ buy, sell and​ lease property. Agents can capitalize on this traffic by posting free ads and​ answering ads seeking homes. it​ truly is​ a​ real estate agents dream marketing tool.

Getting Started
Agents interested in​ using Craigslist can get started by visiting the​ website and​ deciding which cities to​ post in. Research other ads in​ your area to​ identify areas in​ need of​ property listings and​ to​ find out what your competitors are posting. the​ real estate section of​ Craigslist is​ divided into sections to​ direct traffic to​ specific areas including rooms & shares, apartments/houses for​ rent, housing swap, office & commercial, parking & storage, real estate for​ sale, sublets & temporary and​ vacation rentals. Posting an​ ad is​ free except in​ New York City, which just started to​ charge $10 for​ rental listings. Once you know where you’d like to​ post, create either single ads for​ hot properties or​ a​ combination ad listing all your available properties for​ that area.

Creating an​ Ad
Ads are simple to​ create and​ are mostly text and​ require no design or​ html experience. Your ad should be descriptive with contact info and​ supporting photos. Images of​ your properties will increase response by over 200%, so be sure to​ include shots that really help sell the​ property. Images can be easily uploaded during the​ posting process.

Posting Your Ad
Posting an​ ad is​ as​ easy as​ picking your city, choosing the​ correct category, selecting post at​ the​ top right corner and​ entering your listing into the​ form. You will need to​ come up with a​ good title to​ get people’s attention. Your ad should also feature keyphrases that people might search when looking for​ your property region, style, features, etc. Once you enter your text into the​ form, upload your images. You will need to​ enter an​ e-mail address, but you can choose to​ keep it​ anonymous. Then you simply submit, review and​ wait for​ the​ link in​ your e-mail to​ publish.

Reposting, Multi-Posting and​ Auto-Posting
Once published, your ad will remain on Craigslist for​ 7 or​ 45 days, depending on your selected city. Staying on the​ first page is​ very important but you are only allowed to​ post the​ same ad in​ more than one city very 48 hours. However, to​ get around this rule, create multiple ads for​ the​ same property, but slightly different text or​ use a​ different e-mail for​ each ad. to​ succeed you will need to​ repost at​ least every 48 hours as​ new buyers come to​ the​ website all the​ time. to​ automate the​ reposting process you can use an​ underground auto-posting service or​ purchase a​ script. These programs are not sanctioned by Craigslist but are widely used and​ highly effective. Keep in​ mind that buyers are turned off by spam, so be sure to​ only post your property once a​ day, per city and​ category. This ensures you get great placement without coming off as​ desperate or​ overly aggressive.

As you can see using Craigslist is​ a​ very easy and​ affordable way to​ reach new customers. This is​ only the​ beginning of​ what agents can do to​ promote properties on Craigslist. as​ Craigslist becomes even more popular it​ is​ the​ agents who not only use the​ service, but can effectively navigate and​ exploit creative out of​ the​ box ideas that will win.

Craigslist Helps Real Estate Agents Reach Buyers

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