Coventry City Guide Including Coventry Hotels

Coventry City Guide Including Coventry Hotels

Coventry is​ a​ city with a​ thousand years of​ history that has plenty to​ offer the visiting tourist. Located in​ the heart of​ Warwickshire, which is​ well-known as​ Shakespeare’s county, there are easy transport links to​ historic Warwick, Rugby and Stratford-upon-Avon. Additionally, there are many things to​ see and do in​ and around Coventry itself.

The city has many places of​ interest to​ the visitor. Coventry is​ renowned as​ a​ religious center with many important churches within its locale. The city also has many beautiful gardens that will fascinate those nature nature lovers amongst you. Similarly, a​ number of​ museums are also on hand to​ enable visitors to​ explore the city’s diverse history. Here are just a​ few of​ the attractions:

The medieval city wall. Today, two of​ the twelve original gates are still standing, the Priory gate and the Tower gate. Sections of​ the city wall itself also survive, with the best-preserved section located within Lady Herbert’s Garden, which is​ also open to​ the public.

The old cathedral ruins. German bombs destroyed the original cathedral; however, these are some of​ the most picturesque ruins you’ll see, and include the original stained-glass windows that have remained intact, and the famous “Charred Cross”.

The new cathedral. This is​ a​ masterpiece of​ modern, innovative architecture and has to​ be seen to​ be believed. a​ centerpiece is​ the 72-foot tapestry of​ Christ.

Coventry Canal Basin. Restored from the original 19th century wharf, this remains a​ popular tourist attraction, complimented by city centre shops and the impressive canal-side ‘art trail’.

If you’re looking for things to​ do, then why not visit Coventry city centre? You’ll find it​ easy to​ get to​ and parking won’t be a​ problem, with over 7500 spaces. Once you’ve arrived, you’ll find plenty of​ activities, as​ well as​ places to​ shop and eat, and more. Here are a​ few examples of​ places to​ visit:

Shopping centres. a​ visit to​ Coventry would be incomplete without a​ trip to​ one of​ the big shopping centres in​ the city; take your choice from West Orchards, Cathedral Lanes and Lower Precinct, all housing the biggest retailers with the best deals. Alternatively, try visiting the independent stores found in​ the City Arcade and on Hertford Street; here you’ll find fresh and exotic foods amongst other things.

Coventry City Farm. an​ inner city farm that promotes the care of​ animals, with plenty to​ see and do.
Millennium Place. Visit here and you’ll witness many public works of​ art, by international artists and designers.

Priory Visitor Centre. Unleash your interest in​ the past and find out the story of​ the cathedral built by Lady Godiva! Also view the many archaeological finds on display here.

St Mary’s Guildhall. Take a​ trip to​ this historic building in​ which Mary, Queen of​ Scots was once imprisoned.

Of course, you’re going to​ build up an​ appetite by doing all of​ these things, so you’ll be pleased to​ hear that eating out in​ Coventry is​ also something of​ an​ experience. Choices range from cafés serving up the latest quick lunches to​ restaurants offering exquisite three-course meals. All types of​ cuisine are catered for, from Indian and Chinese to​ traditional English food. Here is​ a​ selection of​ what you’ll find:

Flamingo Bar & Grill. Original Punjabi cuisine is​ on offer here, with everything from curries to​ salads, pizzas and more.

Cornerhaus. a​ lively bar that serves a​ range of​ mouth-watering food as​ well as​ beers and coffee.

The Lounge. One of​ the city’s most popular eateries, where you can enjoy fine food in​ a​ relaxed atmosphere with music playing.

Detox Sandwich Company. All kinds of​ healthy food here, from tasty jackets to​ ciabattas, salads, pittas and wraps.

Café Inca. a​ non-smoking café with outdoor seating. Lunchtime snacks are the order of​ the day.
Mr Porky’s. as​ you’ve probably guessed from the name, pork is​ the focus of​ the food offered here, from pork-based meals to​ snacks like hotdogs.

Coventry boasts a​ wide variety of​ different types of​ accommodation for the visitor. There are plenty of​ top-quality historic hotels and guesthouses in​ the region, located in​ diverse settings. These range from hotels in​ the city centre district – for those looking for an​ easy walking distance to​ the city’s attractions – to​ hotels in​ the surrounding villages and towns, which provide the ideal base from which to​ explore the local countryside. Such hotels supply all kinds of​ rooms at​ affordable prices. Additionally, dining facilities range from standard bed-and-breakfast rates to​ room only deals, and further options in​ which a​ full dinner is​ also included. For visitors looking for less traditional accommodation, there are lots of​ other options including inns, self-catering, caravans and campsites, hostels and more.

Here is​ a​ selection of​ hotels in​ Coventry:

Macdonald Brandon Hall Hotel & Spa
Menzies Leofric Hotel
The Courtyard By Marriott Coventry
Novotel Coventry
Coventry Hill Hotel
The Allesley Hotel
Quality Hotel Coventry Stonebridge Manor/NEC
Nailcote Hall Classic
Macdonald Ansty Hall
Campanile Hotel Coventry North
Britannia Hotel Coventry
Britannia Royal Court Hotel
Village Hotel & Leisure Club Coventry
The Chace Hotel
Brooklands Grange Hotel
Strawberry Bank Hotel
The Beechwood
Cable & Wireless Training & Conference Centre
Weston Hall Hotel
Ramada Hotel & Suites
Swallow Hotel Coventry
Arena Hotel

If you’re looking to​ be entertained, then Coventry is​ the place to​ come, offering numerous venues with a​ wide range of​ things to​ do. The Odeon and Showcase Cinemas offer multiple screens showing all the latest Hollywood films, which can be enjoyed through state-of-the-art technology. Those with a​ taste for the arts will be spoilt for choice as​ Coventry is​ home to​ many theaters, from the amateur-owned Criterion Theatre to​ The Butts Theatre, which comes complete with a​ 1930s-style interior. Alternatively, visitors looking to​ sample Coventry’s nightlife will discover a​ number of​ nightclubs, including Dogma, Bonds and Ikons, that play all kinds of​ music through the early hours. Sporty visitors can try out Coventry’s golf clubs or​ make a​ booking at​ Planet Ice Arena; there’s also bowling on offer at​ Coventry Megabowl.

Coventry is​ the ideal choice if​ you’re looking to​ visit a​ city that offers something for everyone. By day, you can go out shopping and sample the food at​ a​ variety of​ cafés and restaurants, and later on you can try out Coventry’s exciting nightlife. Alternatively, if​ you’re more laid-back, you can visit some or​ all of​ Coventry’s historic tourist attractions, or​ investigate the city’s culture spots. One thing is​ certain – you’ll never be short of​ things to​ do when you take a​ trip to​ Coventry.

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