Country Living Magazine 19

Country Living Magazine 19

Now that I​ have reached the​ middle years of​ my life I​ find that I​ am more opened to​ learn new ideas when it​ comes to​ decorating and​ cooking than I​ was when I​ was younger .​
I​ guess the​ main reason is​ simple maturity .​
When I​ was younger I​ was important to​ me to​ seem as​ if​ I​ knew all the​ answers, however now I​ realize that if​ you stop learning you stop living, so I​ now welcome new ideas and​ methods for​ decorating cooking, cleaning and​ any other tips I​ can pick up along the​ way .​
There are many places and​ people to​ turn to​ learn different techniques and​ ideas for​ creating a​ warm welcoming and​ comfortable home .​
One of​ my favorites is​ the​ Country Living magazine .​
I​ have bee a​ subscriber for​ many years .​
I​ started receiving the​ Country Living Magazine as​ a​ present from my brother and​ his wife .​
They gave us a​ subscription to​ the​ publication when we moved to​ our home in​ the​ country .​
I​ thought this was a​ great house warming idea .​
The Country Living magazine is​ filled with great ideas for​ decorating the​ inside of​ your home as​ well as​ wonderful gardening and​ outdoor decorating tips .​
Each issue also features many wonderful recipes that have a​ country flair to​ them.
The idea of​ giving a​ subscription to​ a​ magazine as​ a​ gift was something that I​ had not received before and​ I​ also had never given one as​ a​ gift .​
It is​ a​ great idea .​
My mother is​ getting to​ the​ point where it​ is​ very difficult to​ think of​ gift ideas for​ her .​
She lives in​ a​ small assisted living apartment and​ does not need anything more for​ it .​
She receives one meal a​ day as​ part of​ the​ services with the​ apartment, so she does not need a​ great deal of​ groceries .​
She has always enjoyed reading .​
They have a​ book exchange in​ the​ apartment complex .​
I​ decided it​ would be fun to​ give mom a​ subscription to​ a​ magazine .​
When she was done with it​ she could share it​ with other residents .​
My mother lived in​ the​ country her entire life so I​ thought the​ subscription to​ Country Living magazine would be perfect for​ her .​
I​ talked to​ my sister-in-law and​ asked her if​ she would mind that I​ would reuse her wonderful idea of​ giving the​ magazine as​ a​ gift .​
She agreed that this would be a​ great idea, and​ we decided to​ pay for​ a​ two year subscription and​ give it​ as​ a​ joint gift .​
My mother loves the​ magazine and​ also shares it​ with others in​ the​ apartment building .​

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