Could Your Income Survive A Hurricane

Could Your Income Survive a​ Hurricane?
As you know, Hurricane Katrina has caused destruction and​ devastation across several states .​
Hundreds of​ thousands of​ people have been displaced and​ are unable to​ work since the​ storm .​
Businesses have been closed for​ weeks .​
The economical impact is​ unimaginable .​
No one knows what the​ effects will be — weeks, months, even years from now.
How would weeks, or​ months, of​ lost income affect your family? This event is​ another solid reminder of​ how important it​ is​ to​ develop passive income — the​ kind of​ income where you keep making money whether you are working or​ not .​
If and​ when events happen to​ keep you from work – whether they are wonderful interruptions, such as​ the​ birth of​ a​ new baby, or​ tragic events like a​ hurricane, you’ll continue to​ have money coming in.
There are several ways to​ set up passive income streams.
Start a​ website (or several websites)
Set up your own money-maker .​
Whether your interest is​ in​ selling a​ product, providing information, or​ a​ service, every business needs an​ online presence .​
If you’re uncomfortable with technology, there are site builders available that will walk you through every step of​ the​ way .​
Or, if​ you want to​ avoid maintaining a​ website, many people are making decent money from blogs.
Join Affiliate Programs
Research and​ join any of​ the​ wonderful affiliate programs selling anything from books to​ bras .​
If you’re unfamiliar with affiliate programs, it’s really quite a​ simple concept .​
Thousands of​ companies will pay you to​ refer customers to​ them .​
Whether your interest is​ sports or​ doilies, you can make money by linking to​ products from your website or​ blog.
Make your own info products and​ get affiliates to​ sell for​ you
Create an​ electronic product (write an​ ebook, design software, or​ record an​ audio product) .​
Once you’ve created your product, recruit affiliates to​ sell for​ you!
And, of​ course, Direct Sales
If you are in​ a​ Direct Sales business, build your customer base and​ your team and​ you’ll have residual income, too .​
Build your team both wide and​ deep for​ the​ most security.
Once you know which path you’re going to​ follow, then it’s critical that you automate your Business .​
Set up an​ autoresponder, so your messages are being sent whether you are home or​ not .​
You can automate e-courses and​ newsletters - all running at​ the​ same time, automatically.
Your autoresponder can be your best customer service rep .​
Make sure your autoresponder sends clients a​ thank you email as​ soon as​ they place an​ order – and​ another email a​ week after placing their order – just to​ check in .​
You’ll be providing excellent customer service, and​ your customer won’t know that their thoughtful customer service response is​ really an​ automated reply.
Are you making money when you are not working? is​ your income protected, for​ the​ times when life happens? if​ not, my challenge to​ you is​ to​ do one thing to​ get on the​ road to​ making passive income today!

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