Could Your Dog Be A Sports Star

Could Your Dog Be A Sports Star

Dogs were traditionally working animals. They would have expected to​ be active all day,​ every day. However,​ in​ these modern days a​ dog's life can often be confined to​ indoors and with very few physical activities.

Dogs are animals that need exercise on​ a​ regular basis; in​ fact it​ should be daily. There are many reasons for this. For example,​ it​ can help to​ control the​ dog’s weight its appetite. it​ can also help to​ insure good quality mental health as​ well. if​ you​ do not provide for the​ dog’s daily exercise,​ she will likely find it​ in​ her own way,​ which may be a​ destructive manner. a​ dog that is​ bored is​ one the​ can become destructive digging up the​ yard and chewing on​ shoes. But,​ when you​ take this energy that the​ dog has and apply it​ correctly through various toys and exercise,​ great things can happen.

One game of​ catch a​ day is​ not enough exercise for your pet. Quantity and quality are quite important. For example,​ you​ can provide your pet with a​ daily walk. if​ you​ do so at​ the​ same time of​ the​ day each day,​ the​ pet will begin to​ look forward to​ it. And,​ take them to​ someplace different as​ often as​ possible. This will help your pet to​ explore with his senses. it​ is​ also a​ special time of​ bonding between you​ and your pet. Take your pet to​ a​ dog park where the​ leash can come off and he or​ she can do some socializing with other animals.

Sports for dogs?

Did you​ know that dog’s can do sports as​ well? There are many things that you​ can teach your dog to​ do that will be fun to​ play and provide them with the​ exercise that they need. For example,​ Frisbees are a​ great choice as​ is​ flyball and agility. There are Frisbee competitions that your dogs can participate in. in​ this case,​ you’ll see pets flying into the​ air to​ catch the​ Frisbee that an​ adult is​ throwing. you​ may see the​ dog twist and jump at​ the​ same time. in​ fact,​ some of​ them are choreographed routines that are nothing short of​ amazing but they are fun and exercising for the​ pet.

Flyball is​ another choice. Here,​ there is​ team play. Four dogs per team take turns running through a​ course. They may have hurdles in​ them as​ well. When the​ dog completes the​ course,​ he will trigger a​ box to​ will force a​ tennis ball into the​ air. the​ dog catches it​ and races back through the​ course again. Then,​ once the​ dog gets through,​ the​ next team mate goes. a​ team will win based on​ time and the​ fewest errors.

Agility is​ another sport for dogs. Here,​ the​ dog is​ to​ run through an​ obstacle course. the​ goal is​ to​ be done in​ the​ fastest amount of​ time. in​ this sport,​ though,​ the​ owner will run alongside the​ dog encouraging it​ over the​ hurdles and other obstacles. the​ goal is​ for the​ dog to​ obey the​ owner’s commands and directions. a​ good doggie workout will include things like tunnels,​ see-saws and a​ wide variety of​ jumps. All of​ these sports allow for the​ exercise of​ the​ dog as​ well as​ the​ mental fitness he needs as​ well.

Alternatives to​ sports?

Not sure if​ the​ sport is​ right for you? you​ can keep your dog going by giving him toys that will help to​ stimulate not only exercise but also mental challenges. For example a​ dog puzzle places a​ treat for the​ dog into a​ hollow container that he will have to​ work off to​ get to​ the​ treat. Through nosing it​ around and rolling it,​ the​ dog gets the​ treat and the​ reward.

Could Your Dog Be A Sports Star

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