Costly Web Construction

Costly Web Construction

The question, Why is​ there overpriced Web development? has a​ simple answer and​ a​ simpler solution. There is​ overpriced Web development because there are consumers that will pay the​ high price. Web development started to​ be overpriced when the​ Internet began to​ be the​ home of​ successful entrepreneurs who, while they knew their own products, ideas and​ services, knew nothing about the​ Internet. They paid dearly for​ Web development experts who could launch their online business and​ make them a​ great deal of​ money. They didn't balk at​ the​ overpriced Web development fee because they didn't know that it​ was overpriced.

People pay for​ others to​ do what they don't know how to​ do, don't care to​ do, and​ / or​ don't have the​ time, energy or​ inclination to​ learn how to​ do. the​ less the​ customer understands what the​ Web developer offers, the​ greater the​ overpricing can be without that customer balking.

So, the​ answer to​ why there is​ overpriced Web development is​ that there are people who don't care that it's overpriced and​ can't do it​ themselves.

The solution to​ the​ Web development overpricing then, is​ to​ learn how to​ develop your Web site yourself, or​ learn enough about the​ development to​ realize what is​ overpriced and​ what isn't. Once you understand at​ least some rudimentary technology you can at​ least do some Web development comparison shopping on your own.

To avoid overpriced Web development learn the​ basics of​ the​ workings of​ the​ Internet and​ the​ creation and​ maintenance of​ Web sites. Learn what it​ takes to​ create a​ site, to​ launch it, to​ keep it​ running. Comparison shop at​ least ten different Web development firms, and​ note the​ variations in​ each offer. Advise each of​ what the​ other has and​ their fees (assuming it​ is​ lower.) Document each offer, check the​ references each provides and​ ask pointed questions. Start a​ bidding war, and​ you'll cut down on overpriced Web development.

Costly Web Construction

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