Coral Calcium Supplement Information Questions And Answers

Question: What exactly is​ coral calcium?

Answer: Quite simply, coral calcium is​ a​ source of​ calcium found in​ the oceans of​ the world. The reason people make such a​ fuss about the benefits of​ this nutrient as​ a​ supplement are many. For one, coral calcium contains calcium, magnesium, and trace minerals that the human body require, and what’s more, coral calcium contains a​ perfect ratio of​ the proper nutrients for the human body.

Question: What makes a​ coral calcium supplement beneficial to​ my health?

Answer: For one, there is​ the obvious answer that calcium helps support the growth and the strengthening of​ bone and teeth. What few people know, however, is​ that calcium also aids in​ achieving healthy muscles and maintaining nerve functions. Also, calcium is​ the most abundant mineral in​ your body. These reasons alone are enough proof that coral calcium can be beneficial to​ your health. Also, however, there are many side benefits a​ coral calcium supplement can help you with. For one, coral calcium has the best absorption qualities out of​ any type of​ calcium.

Coral calcium also has the highest HDL (good cholesterol) density. in​ addition to​ strengthening the bones and teeth, coral calcium aids in​ cleansing your kidneys, intestines, and liver, while simultaneously breaking down heavy metals found in​ your body. Coral calcium supplements also help to​ boost your immune system!

Question: Where exactly does this “coral” come from?

Answer: Coral is​ composed of​ small organisms known as​ coral polyps. These polyps take calcium carbonate and limestone from the ocean so that they can build protective structures around themselves.

Since coral reefs in​ the ocean are under protective laws due to​ how fragile their ecosystem is, the coral found in​ any coral calcium supplement has to​ be found in​ an​ outside, non-living source. Usually, this type of​ supplement is​ found in​ old sea beds long-buried in​ the desert or​ mined from fossilized coral that has accumulated on the ocean’s floor.

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