Copywriting In Your Email Campaign

Copywriting In Your Email Campaign

Want to​ double or​ triple the number of​ new leads and customers you generate each month with your emails? Try focusing your Email campaign with copywriting techniques.

Copywriting in​ Emails is​ the art of​ using attractively written content focusing around a​ service or​ product to​ sell. a​ tool used to​ tempt the reader by making the items for sale seem attractive, desirable and at​ the same time beneficial. Copywriting is​ often described as​ a​ play on words where the best and the most persuasive campaigns win.

Whenever you email someone, you’re basically trying to​ sell a​ point. So what better way to​ communicate than with the language of​ copywriting in​ your Emails.

The secret is​ to​ balance the right blend of​ benefits and features in​ your Email marketing copy. Here are some tips to​ try in​ your next email marketing campaign.

1. Pack a​ powerful headline punch. Check top magazine article headlines of​ the day to​ see what’s working best. Tailor yours accordingly.

2. Draw readers in​ with a​ great lead opening. Look to​ top articles in​ the news for ideas. And reach out and grab your readers in​ a​ similar fashion.

3. Keep the main message focused on no more than 3 main benefits your product or​ service offers the reader. Present credible info, not hype. And include testimonial when possible to​ back up claims.

4. State your proposition in​ a​ personal way, since the focus is​ all about the customer...i.e. write in​ the “You” form, not “he or​ she.” And talk about them or​ things that they can relate to.

5. Focus on customer benefits. People like to​ save money, join in​ and be a​ part, learn more, earn more.

6. Offer multiple selling points in​ bullet form. Write them from customer’s point of​ view & reflect their needs.

7. Thoroughly describe the product. Give the customer all the information they need on the product or​ service in​ order to​ make a​ well educated decision.

8. Create a​ call to​ action. Tell the customer what to​ do exactly, step-by-step.

9. State your unique selling position to​ differentiate yourself from competition. For example, tell why your product is​ better than the competition’s.

Go for the gusto in​ selling your email messages with sound copywriting techniques. Sell your audience on reading more, navigating on your site and communicating in​ some way to​ show they got your message.

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