Cool Grandparents Use Email

Cool Grandparents Use Email

Have you been finding it​ difficult to​ bridge the generation gap between you and your grandchildren or​ younger people in​ general?

I teach basic computer skills to​ Senior People on a​ voluntary basis in​ their homes, and at​ a​ local computer centre and the main question always seems to​ be, show me how to​ email my grandchildren.

On top of​ the generation gap we also have the problem of​ so many families being split up in​ different parts of​ the country or​ across the world.

One of​ the most basic skills to​ bridge the gap is​ emailing. if​ you join the younger generation and use their way of​ communicating, the gap is​ very quickly forgotten.

If you have a​ mobile phone finds out how to​ send text messages, another communicating skill seniors are not using. It’s cheap and it​ works.

Most of​ you will have a​ built in​ Email in​ your computer such as​ Outlook Express. This is​ connected to​ your ISP (Internet Service Provider). Setting it​ up is​ very simple but you will need some information from your provider. Phone them and ask for it​ and then fill up the form and your away.

Another way and I think a​ better one, is​ to​ have an​ email that you can log into on any computer and in​ any country. While you are away travelling for instance. There are a​ lot, but the best I have found are Gmail and Hotmail. Both are free and take very little time or​ knowledge to​ set up. Just Google up Gmail and you will be directed to​ their email sign up site.

Before you start they will ask you for a​ user name and password. Decide on these and write them down before you start to​ fill up the information. There is​ a​ possibility you will not get what you want so be flexible and think it​ out before you start. Choose a​ few different combinations of​ password and login, i.e.; Password: David10 Login: dancestudio. Remember what ever you choose they will be case sensitive, so if​ you use only lower case it​ will always be lowercase, the same if​ you use a​ capital letter such a​ D and the rest lower case. it​ will always be, for example: David.

It is​ most likely you will have to​ use at​ least 6 digits. You might want to​ put your name, lets say Ann, then you would need to​ have at​ least 3 digits more, so why not Ann plus your birth year i.e. ann1947. Make up a​ few ideas and when you put them into the email program they will tell you what is​ available and also suggest alternatives as​ close as​ possible to​ the one you have asked for.

Do take a​ password that you are going to​ remember. You might have Login ann1947 and then you need a​ password such as​ 123456 any combination or​ a​ word. Try and always keep the same password and login in​ the future because trying to​ remember a​ lot of​ different ones is​ a​ nuisance. if​ you have a​ mobile phone put them in​ under New Contact so if​ you are out or​ away you will always have that with you. This is​ a​ good trick for keeping numbers, but make sure nobody else would have access to​ the information if​ you lost your phone.

When you first sign up for the account (it called an​ account but it’s free), they will ask you for secret questions only you would know. For example; where were you born? or​ mother’s maiden name? Pets name? Etc.This is​ for your safety so if​ you loose your information it​ can be recovered.

That’s all there is​ to​ it. Now you have an​ email account and can contact anyone in​ a​ flash.
One word of​ caution, do not download information unless you know who has sent it. Use the delete button on any suspicious emails.

You will find some emails called Junk. in​ the Junk folder. Remember to​ take a​ look at​ them every day because an​ important one may have slipped through. as​ you get used to​ your program you will find files for keeping information, how to​ upload photos and many other bits and pieces that will keep you in​ touch with your loved ones and they will think you are one cool grandparent. It’s a​ win win situation

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