Convey Environment Concerns Through Cartoon Logo

Cartoon Logos are the most effective and explicit form of​ conveying important and significant messages. Today it​ has become necessary for mankind to​ focus on various environmental problems surrounding us. Man’s achievement in​ technology are indeed remarkable, but unfortunately they have contributed to​ spoiling the environment that sustains life. We are destroying healthy living conditions. We are playing havoc with environment, inhaling poisonous fumes, consuming fertilizers and pesticides in​ our daily diet. The depletion of​ ozone layer has led to​ global warming and extinction of​ several species of​ animals and birds. Thousands of​ animals are left unsheltered. We are slowly advancing towards the destruction of​ our own planet and in​ spite of​ concerted efforts of​ government and non governmental agencies, little progress is​ possible unless awareness is​ generated at​ the level of​ masses. Each individual has to​ take the responsibility of​ keeping the environment pollution free.

Deforestation has led to​ soil erosion and infertility of​ land. Forests have been burnt to​ clear land for houses, farming and industries. Let us all preserve our planet from further damage. People tend to​ stop and look at​ colorful images that express sardonic issue and get the message loud and clear without getting offended in​ any manner. We humans are the main inhabitants of​ the globe and it​ is​ our duty to​ protect our environment. Let this message be conveyed to​ one and all in​ an​ effective but suitable manner

This is​ where Cartoon Logos can play a​ vital role in​ helping to​ identify this global issue and in​ spreading awareness about it, in​ a​ delightful, light hearted manner. a​ visual impact of​ a​ cartoon logo is​ far more effective, than bring long worded messages or​ sermons. a​ cartoonist can make logos of​ amusing, loving animals, birds, trees and flowers to​ convey life saving messages.

Imagine a​ cuddly tree with pleading eyes or​ a​ cute monkey hugging a​ tree saying “ No Tree No Me”. a​ well known brand of​ ice-cream or​ a​ snow man melting due to​ global warming . Little angels in​ gas mask visiting the earth or​ showing earth a​ tap with dark dirty water and a​ skeleton drinking it​ . a​ beautiful drooping, wilting flower near a​ dry tap or​ a​ Santa clause with all his Xmas goodies huffing and puffing on eco friendly cycle. All these images can make a​ powerful visual impact.

Glimpses of​ these cartoons on hoardings and posters seen by us during our day to​ day rushed activities are not forced on us, but on the contrary they act as​ a​ welcome diversion. Consciously or​ unconsciously we store the information in​ the back of​ our minds. Cartoon logos act on our conscience and remind us of​ our responsibilities and duties towards the environment.

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