Control Your Weight And Feel The Improvement

Control Your Weight And Feel The Improvement

Control your Weight and Feel the​ Improvement
First thing to​ do is​ know and understand the​ problem,​ so you need to​ find out your personal Body Mass Index. This is​ the​ figure the​ dentitions use to​ asses how much over weight you are. Its very easy to​ look at​ this figure and thinks that’s o. k. its not that much overweight.
Remember that everyday you are overweight you are putting an excess strain on​ your body and heart muscle so consider even removing a​ small amount of​ weight being a​ very important step in​ being able to​ live longer and be healthier.
Body Mass Index can be worked out as​ follows. Your weight in​ kilograms is​ divided by your height in​ meters squared you can obtain the​ required conversion to​ pounds and feet if​ you require and then put the​ figures in.
Once you have obtained your Body Mass Index its then time to​ do something about it.
For everyone it’s a​ good idea to​ have a​ BMI of​ between 18 25 Its important not to​ go underweight as​ this has extreme dangers and can cause major problems for your body to​ cope. How ever most people have the​ problem over being over the​ magic 25 figure which means you require to​ do some exercise,​ change your diet and consider what else you can do to​ reduce Fat intake.
The most important thing to​ consider is​ how you feel sometimes BMI is​ misleading in​ the​ way the​ figures show. Some people feel fine at​ being overweight so its important add that into your factor before considering the​ action you need to​ take.
If your BMI is​ over 30 then you are considered obese and this does need to​ be addressed. Also you need to​ consider your shape if​ you have FAT building around the​ waist this is​ the​ most dangerous as​ this can increase your chance of​ having heart problems.
Before considering what to​ do be realistic the​ following is​ always sound advice. Fast diets are never good for you and always return you to​ your previous weight sooner or​ later. So find out what you are taking in​ at​ the​ moment list all the​ items and do some serious research on​ the​ products that you are eating.
Asses what your findings are carefully and then look at​ what would be a​ good for an average days intake of​ calories and start to​ measure how much calories your burning. Get a​ pedometer and make sure you balance any excess food against sufficient exercise.
Try to​ balance your diet also consider how much ​alcohol​ you consume as​ this carries calories too. Increase your energy output by doing the​ best exercises like swimming which is​ a​ non impact exercise and operates all your muscles.
An average man requires around 2500 calories per day and a​ woman around 2000 calories try to​ keep a​ record of​ this per day per week and track your progress. Try to​ consider that eating smaller regular meals is​ easier for the​ body to​ maintain good blood sugar levels.
Don’t binge on​ items such chocolates and cake I ​ know its hard an every time I ​ pass a​ cake shop I ​ feel the​ urge to​ get one. Control your shopping habits try to​ pre order in​ your mind the​ shopping list so that bad items don’t get on​ it.
1 Set a​ good goal for a​ period of​ time always helps and makes you feel better when you achieve it.
2 Reduce fried foods and look at​ alternative ways of​ cooking the​ same foods.
3 Replace fizzy drinks with water as​ fizzy drinks contain enormous amounts of​ sugar.
4 Reduce ​alcohol​ consumption always a​ good idea during dieting.
5 Try to​ get the​ five recommended fruit and vegetables a​ day if​ possible.
6 Water intake needs to​ have around 6 glasses a​ day which is​ around 2. 5 pints per day this helps your body tremendously and reduces the​ urge to​ eat.
7 Maintain a​ good exercise program try to​ do good non impact exercises.
8 Consult a​ Doctor or​ detritions for proper advice only take pills under medical advice.
9 Feel good in​ yourself that you are improving everyday.
10 Seek good advice from friends and get support from them if​ you feel depressed.

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