Contracting Out SEO Article Writing

Contracting Out SEO Article Writing

In a​ recent thread at​ webmasterworld,​ when asked if​ members had 10 people to​ assist promoting their website,​ what would they do. This interesting question produced the​ surprising answer by one member that they would have 9 people writing articles and one person linking.

Articles are a​ great way to​ get theme related one-way links,​ linkable content and can be contracted for around $10 per 400 - 500 word article. Prices vary though,​ and so does the​ range of​ qualifications.

Article writing,​ like link building,​ is​ an​ excellent candidatate for outsourcing,​ or​ perhaps more correctly,​ Outtasking.

Why Outsource?

Oursourcing is​ great because you​ can purchase services you​ need when you​ need them. you​ don't have to​ worry about meeting payroll,​ or​ providing computers,​ desks or​ equipment. While a​ freelancer is​ researching and writing you​ can take care of​ other things.

Often,​ a​ freelancer represents a​ group,​ allowing you​ access to​ the​ more resources and expertise.


One of​ the​ biggest misconceptions is​ you​ can 'just give it​ to​ them' and it​ will all be good. Nothing can be futher from the​ truth. in​ fact,​ the​ more time and effort you​ put into it,​ the​ better the​ chances of​ success.

Example Project of​ 10 articles.

Before talking to​ my partners in​ the​ Philippines,​ I research keywords and use the​ keywords to​ set up the​ titles and content of​ the​ articles. This usually gives me 6 or​ 8 of​ the​ article titles. Since not all articles get syndicated,​ I go to​ several articles syndication sites and research which articles in​ my area have the​ most links in​ YAHOO. This give more data for article topics and titles and general tone. Next,​ I decide what type of​ article suits the​ titles best. is​ it​ to​ be a​ "information about this" article or​ a​ "how to" article with a​ bulleted list of​ actions the​ reader can take right now?

Once all this has been written out,​ I send it​ to​ my partner and ask to​ see 4 or​ 5 articles right away so that I can confirm everything is​ on​ track.

Or course,​ I have specified in​ advance the​ articles must be original,​ and I make periodic checks to​ make sure. Once you​ have dealt with a​ freelancer a​ few times you​ can ease up,​ but it​ still pays to​ check all the​ time.

Don't use software

There are lots of​ people offering software that scrapes article syndication sites and/or the​ web for content,​ re-arranges it,​ and spits out hundreds of​ articles. My experience is​ it​ would have been easier and certainly faster to​ write the​ articles myself,​ or​ hire someone to​ do it.

Automated re-writes of​ scraped content seems to​ work on​ the​ Search Engines for now,​ but how long it​ is​ going to​ last is​ anyone's guess. the​ achilles heel of​ automation is​ that it​ has to​ use templates and will always leave a​ footprint that other automated systems (ie bots & crawlers) can easily detect.

Price vs. Turnaournd time

Most freelance writers take on​ more contracts than they can handle and juggle turn-around times to​ maximise immediate cash flow. at​ any moment they only have a​ few contracts to​ work on,​ although they have many outstanding. Sound familiar?

Knowing this,​ expect to​ get a​ low price with a​ longer turnaround,​ or​ a​ short turnaround with a​ higher price.

Low or​ High?

Don't choose the​ lowest price and don't choose the​ highest. Review what they say and examples of​ their work and make a​ decision on​ which one you​ like first,​ then look at​ cost.

A team is​ also important. Ofter 'a freelancer' represents a​ small group who work together. With a​ team of​ 5 people writing 20 articles,​ you​ get different approaches and points of​ view. I give preference and pay a​ slightly higher price for a​ team.


Qualifications are important in​ relation to​ what you​ need. I like newspaper writers because they are in​ the​ business of​ writing snappy headlines and catchy articles,​ which is​ what I like for my sites.

Other sites may prefer novelists or​ technical writers to​ suit the​ tone of​ their sites.

Contracting out or​ outsourcing is​ still work -- just a​ different kind of​ work. Managing freelancers takes some skill and practice and if​ done properly,​ can increase productivity and lower costs substantially.

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