Contemporary SEO Is About Links

Contemporary SEO Is About Links

If you​ have your own websites,​ there will be all sorts of​ people asking you​ to​ place a​ link to​ their site on​ your site. you​ have been approached by link buyers,​ link sellers,​ and brokers. Every one out there believes that getting links is​ the​ be-all and end-all of​ search engine optimization.

On the​ one hand I have to​ agree that getting links is​ important,​ on​ the​ other,​ I am not comfortable with some of​ the​ methods used. And to​ add to​ the​ already grey area of​ buying links for the​ purpose of​ altering your search engine ranking is​ a​ directive from a​ major search engine,​ the​ most major one actually,​ that they will be lowering the​ valued of​ sold links!

So,​ let us look at​ some of​ the​ basics of​ getting links that will,​ quite likely,​ be the​ smart way to​ get links.

First of​ all,​ I think that it​ is​ not natural to​ have many sites giving you​ sitewides. Why would a​ normal site want to​ give you​ a​ link from all of​ its pages? Ok,​ for a​ coupe of​ sites there might be some reason,​ but for the​ most part it​ is​ unnatural. the​ moral of​ the​ story is​ that,​ if​ you​ buy links,​ buy them on​ a​ specific page,​ probably the​ homepage,​ and not on​ all pages of​ a​ site.

Second,​ make sure that the​ sites linking to​ you​ are of​ all types. if​ your link building campaign revolves only around directory submission,​ or​ article marketing,​ or​ high PR pages,​ or​ the​ like,​ search engines might figure it​ out and lower your value.

Third,​ make sure that your links are added slowly and not all at​ once,​ unless your destination page is​ newsy. I am not saying that getting a​ thousand links in​ a​ week is​ too many. But a​ thousand links in​ one week and close to​ no links for the​ next few weeks might look strange.

Fourth,​ and this one is​ well known,​ make sure that you​ are not being linked to​ from a​ page that is​ virtually a​ link farm.

Fifth,​ ensure that your links look like natural links. How would that be? Well,​ on​ the​ one hand,​ try to​ have varying text in​ the​ link (this text is​ called the​ anchor text). on​ the​ other,​ you​ can try and get links to​ the​ main page as​ well as​ to​ other pages. This will make the​ links appear "natural."

Sixth,​ focus on​ the​ topic or​ theme of​ the​ page that is​ linking to​ you. Focused links are quite likely more valuable. at​ the​ same time do not go overboard with this one. Unrelated links have value too. But the​ one thing that you​ should avoid is​ getting links from pages that link to​ a​ lot of​ "bad" pages. True you​ cannot control who links to​ you. But at​ least avoid knowingly getting links from "bad neighborhoods."

Finally,​ stay away from reciprocal linkage. Reciprocal linkage is​ common in​ the​ world of​ blogs and may not be the​ poison pills that they are often known to​ be. All the​ same make sure that you​ do not have too many reciprocals. Surely you​ would not like to​ have the​ reputation of​ a​ spammer.

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