Contacting Customer Service When Online Shopping

Contacting Customer Service When Online Shopping

Contacting Customer Service When Online Shopping
Online shoppers often need to​ deal with customer service representatives from the​ online retailer they choose to​ patronize .​
From making purchases to​ dealing with problems with the​ order a​ customer service representative can be a​ great deal of​ assistance to​ online shoppers .​
This article will focus on some of​ the​ common interactions online shoppers have with a​ customer service representative .​
Some of​ these interactions include making a​ purchase, asking questions about products and​ making a​ complaint about an​ item purchased .​
This article will also discuss some of​ the​ common methods for​ contacting customer service including telephone, email and​ online forms .​
Contacting Customer Service Representative to​ Make a​ Purchase
One of​ the​ most common interactions between online shoppers and​ online retailers is​ the​ process of​ making a​ purchase .​
Although many online retailers offer shoppers the​ ability to​ make their purchases directly through a​ website, most of​ these retailers also offer the​ opportunity for​ the​ customers to​ make the​ purchase by calling a​ customer service representative .​
Online shoppers may prefer this method for​ a​ number of​ different reasons .​
Some online shoppers may have apprehensions about the​ security of​ the​ website while others may simply have a​ personal preference for​ placing the​ order online as​ opposed to​ through a​ website .​
Regardless of​ the​ reason for​ contacting customer service to​ make an​ online purchase, the​ buyer will likely find this interaction to​ be quite simple as​ long as​ he has all of​ the​ necessary information on hand .​
This included information such as​ the​ product number and​ his billing information .​
Contacting Customer Service with Inquiries
Another reason why online shoppers often contact a​ customer service representative agent from an​ online retailer is​ to​ ask questions about the​ products offered by the​ retailer .​
Consumers may have questions because the​ website does not provide enough information about the​ product .​
Even online retailers who offer very detailed product descriptions may omit details which are important to​ a​ particular consumer .​
In these cases the​ online shopper can contact customer service to​ have these questions answered .​
These questions may pertain to​ the​ product or​ other factors such as​ the​ shipping policies or​ return policies .​
Regardless of​ the​ subject of​ the​ question the​ customer service representative should either be able to​ answer the​ question or​ should be able to​ find an​ answer for​ the​ consumer .​
Contacting Customer Service with a​ Complaint
Contacting a​ customer service agent with a​ complaint about a​ product purchased online is​ definitely one of​ the​ most difficult and​ stressful interactions an​ online shopper can have with a​ customer service agent .​
However, there are occasionally situations in​ which these interactions are necessary .​
When these situations arise it​ is​ important for​ the​ consumer to​ ensure he has all of​ the​ necessary information available when contacting customer service .​
This will include information such as​ the​ order number and​ the​ billing information .​
The order number is​ important because it​ will allow the​ customer service agent to​ verify items such as​ the​ item which was purchased and​ the​ date of​ the​ purchase .​
With this information the​ customer service can provide information about the​ options available to​ the​ consumer such as​ a​ refund or​ an​ exchange .​
Methods of​ Contacting Customer Service
Online shoppers who wish to​ speak to​ a​ customer service agent from an​ online retailer typically have a​ few options available to​ them .​
The most popular option is​ the​ ability to​ contact an​ agent via telephone .​
Most online retailers provide a​ phone number for​ reaching customer service on the​ receipt as​ well as​ on the​ website .​
However, the​ telephone is​ not the​ only way in​ which online shoppers can contact customer service .​
Email is​ another popular option consumers can use to​ reach a​ customer service agent .​
Most online retailers offer the​ option of​ emailing customer service to​ make inquiries or​ complaints .​
Some retailers even provide online forms which make it​ easy for​ consumers to​ reach a​ customer service agent .​
These forms typically enable the​ consumer to​ provide his own contact information as​ well as​ the​ reason for​ contacting customer service .​
a​ customer service agent will then investigate the​ inquiry or​ complaint and​ respond to​ the​ customer either via telephone or​ email .​

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