Consumer Complaints About Nursing Assistants

Consumer Complaints about Nursing Assistants
Most Nursing Assistants work very hard to​ ensure the safety of​ patients as​ well as​ provide them with quality care .​
However, consumer complaints happen often, resulting in​ the profession not getting a​ fair look .​
Too often the focus is​ on the negative that takes place during interactions with Nursing Assistants than reporting good staff to​ the proper people.
One of​ the biggest complaints about Nursing Assistants by consumers is​ that they are too rushed .​
They often have to​ hurry through bathing and dressing because they have too many demands on their time in​ a​ given shift .​
This often results in​ patients getting cared for, but quickly and robotically .​
The personal touch is​ often smothered in​ an​ effort to​ get it​ all done .​
For patients, simple requests are on of​ the few perks they have in​ a​ medical facility .​
It also allows they to​ still exercise some control over their decisions .​
This is​ very important to​ someone who no longer is​ able to​ be at​ home or​ do basic tasks for themselves without assistance .​
These requests can be as​ simple as​ helping them from the bed to​ a​ chair or​ bringing them a​ pen and paper to​ write a​ letter .​
It is​ easy for Nursing Assistants to​ get side tracked or​ forget .​
However, since these simply requests are important to​ the patient, it​ is​ very important that Nursing Assistants follow through with them .​
Carrying a​ pen and notepad to​ jot down requests is​ a​ great way to​ remember them.
Patients don’t like to​ be kept waiting .​
It is​ very hard to​ adjust to .​
They may forget they are not the only patient .​
Nursing Assistants do the best they can to​ stay on schedule .​
However, working short staffed and medical emergencies can quickly put them behind schedule .​
Nursing Assistants have to​ prioritize, so sometimes helping someone who has fallen is​ more important than giving the patient a​ shower on time .​
Since confidentiality is​ so important, the Nursing Assistant can’t tell the patient why they are running late .​
Never discuss a​ patient with another staff member or​ family member in​ a​ manner that makes the patient feel as​ if​ they are not in​ the room .​
Speak with them in​ mind .​
It is​ important to​ carefully choose your words, even when you think they are asleep or​ in​ a​ coma .​
Many patients have filed complaints regarding conversations they overheard while Nursing Assistants thought they were sleeping or​ unresponsive .​
One huge area of​ controversy is​ that many consumers are uneasy with who quickly a​ Nursing Assistant can obtain a​ license .​
They do not feel there is​ adequate training time to​ do an​ effective job .​
Federal guidelines require all Nursing Assistant programs to​ have a​ minimum of​ 75 hours of​ training .​
The actual amount will depend on the program coordinator and the state requirements for a​ particular program .​
However, it​ is​ often debated that to​ be certified as​ a​ manicurist, it​ takes over 1000 hours of​ training, but so little to​ become a​ Nursing Assistant.
Medical facilities and program developers defend the hours required to​ earn a​ certificate as​ a​ Nursing Assistant .​
They feel the training builds on an​ individuals basic concepts of​ feeding, bathing, and dressing individuals .​
It is​ routine tasks we have all done at​ some point in​ our lives .​
They also stress that the clinical hours are hands on training in​ a​ medical facility with close observation .​
This type of​ training is​ more effective than just classroom curriculums of​ other programs .​
In addition, Nursing Assistants are closely supervised by Nursing staff on a​ regular basis.
Nursing Assistants work hard to​ do an​ effective job of​ meeting the needs of​ consumers .​
Complaints will continue to​ be file as​ long as​ Nursing Assistants maintain such high workloads .​
With the demand of​ this field continuing to​ grow, it​ is​ not likely that the workloads will get anything but larger over time .​

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