Considering Travel Insurance Okanagan B C Man Loses Kidney In Costa
Rica Hospital

Considering Travel Insurance Okanagan B C Man Loses Kidney In Costa Rica Hospital

For all the​ future travelers that have the​ opportunity to​ read this story,​ I would hope that after you​ finish this article,​ you​ would highly consider Travel Insurance!

As a​ former travel Agent,​ when I read sad stories about travelers that have bad medical experiences abroad,​ it​ starts to​ make my stomach turn because I would quickly check all my client files to​ make sure they have all purchased some form of​ medical and/or cancellation policies from me prior to​ their travel.

However,​ when he awoke in​ the​ Costa Rica hospital where he had admitted himself,​ he quickly found out that his kidney was removed! This young man’s jaw was never fixed and the​ medical doctor in​ Costa Rica claimed several of​ his internal organs were damaged,​ and out of​ all the​ organs that were injured,​ they had to​ remove one of​ his kidneys. Makes you​ go Hmmm!

Now in​ my professional opinion,​ I would classify Costa Rica as​ a​ popular destination that I would recommend to​ many of​ my past clients to​ visit for their ecotourism and exotic vacation appeal. the​ problem is​ that when we suggest these destinations that are glorified as​ paradises,​ we sometimes forget to​ tell them that these vacation destinations don’t have medical facilities that are comparable to​ North American standards,​ and also not all facilities operate in​ the​ best faith.

All the​ facts about this incident are not proven yet,​ but the​ truth of​ the​ matter is​ in​ this incident,​ having the​ proper travel medical insurance coverage could have been the​ difference in​ this gentleman coming home safely with a​ fixed jaw and his kidney intact.

How Does Medical Travel Protection Policies Eliminate Situations Like This,​ you​ Ask?

Keep this in​ perspective due to​ the​ nature of​ the​ incident. the​ facts are still coming in​ about this mans occurrence Costa Rican hospital,​ and I’m not totally certain he did not have travel coverage,​ but in​ my professional opinion,​ if​ he did have a​ reputable comprehensive travel medical policy,​ I truly believe this situation would not have happened.

Here is​ my explanation that you​ can apply to​ having quality medical coverage. When you​ visit your travel agent,​ or​ decide to​ book your vacation online,​ many of​ the​ agencies and online companies will offer you​ an​ insurance policy that is​ designed specifically for your travel protection while away from your originating country. Due to​ a​ large percentage of​ your medical costs that may not be covered by the​ country you​ live in,​ travel medical emergency policies are there to​ protect you​ from the​ additional costs that your country will not be covering.

Let’s take this one step further. While you’re away on​ vacation,​ the​ Travel Medical/Cancellation Company you​ purchased your policy from now has a​ vested interest in​ your physical and financial protection. However,​ they also have a​ reputation and a​ financial interest in​ their company! By saying this,​ they must make sure that claims that are paid out are legitimate,​ and are not abused by many of​ the​ un-regulated foreign medical facilities that treat patients for emergency situations.

To control these illegal practices,​ most,​ if​ not all,​ travel insurance providers (including online Insurance companies) establish worldwide relationships with a​ great number of​ medical facilities in​ the​ tourist areas,​ and in​ this relationship,​ the​ selected Travel Insurance Company regulates them with very strict rules and guidelines.

This is​ why it’s important to​ read the​ policy terms and conditions,​ and understand what is​ required as​ the​ policyholders must follow these terms for their own protection under emergency situations. What many conditions state are that the​ people who get injured due to​ an​ unexpected situation,​ must contact the​ insurer prior to​ admitting themselves to​ a​ hospital,​ or​ a​ large percentage of​ their claim may not be paid.

Now I know many of​ you​ may be saying that if​ you​ were not conscious at​ the​ time you​ were admitted to​ a​ hospital,​ that’s beyond your control,​ and you’re right! However,​ upon becoming aware,​ you​ must at​ your earliest opportunity advise the​ Insurance Company where you​ are,​ and if​ it’s not a​ regulated hospital on​ their list,​ they will make arrangements to​ remove you​ to​ their preferred medical facility.

Why Does a​ Travel Insurance Company Go to​ All This Trouble?

This is​ where we continue from the​ story about the​ young man that had his kidney removed. Again,​ I’m going by my own opinion and no one else,​ and like I mentioned prior I don’t have all the​ facts,​ but in​ my profession I strongly believe that if​ this person had coverage with a​ reputable Travel Insurance Company,​ he would have more than likely contacted their toll free worldwide number,​ and talked to​ professional staff that are trained in​ the​ medical field.

He would have been directed to​ the​ correct hospital,​ and when he arrived,​ upon the​ instructions of​ the​ Insurance staff,​ he would have passed this information on​ to​ the​ medical staff at​ the​ Costa Rican hospital. This does one of​ two things,​ it​ gives the​ Insurance Company the​ power to​ regulate and make sure that only the​ necessary surgeries are taking place,​ and because they’re paying the​ bill,​ they will ensure that every situation is​ medically documented for any future liability.

I can’t guarantee that having the​ medical coverage would have avoided this situation,​ but I have to​ say when you​ eliminate all the​ risks by working with the​ Medical Insurance provider,​ you​ have a​ better opportunity in​ walking out of​ that foreign hospital with the​ peace-of-mind that you’re not going back home without all your valuable functioning organs.

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