Considering Getting A Dog

Considering Getting A Dog

I have been a​ pet owner nearly all of​ my life and a​ veterinarian for almost half of​ my life,​ so I have seen my fair share of​ animals and animal owners. One of​ the​ biggest things I hate is​ to​ see people jump into the​ decision of​ buying a​ dog without taking time to​ think through the​ decision. When the​ decision to​ get a​ dog as​ a​ pet is​ made without care,​ the​ owners and the​ dog suffer equally from it.

Before you​ run out and purchase a​ dog,​ take time to​ carefully consider your decision. Think about your current lifestyle. How would bringing a​ new dog into the​ picture affect things? Do you​ have enough time,​ energy and money to​ adequately support bringing a​ dog into your family? Sure,​ the​ idea sounds great now,​ but is​ it​ a​ wise choice?

If you​ are sure that you​ can handle bringing a​ dog into your home and you​ are sure that you​ have what it​ takes to​ really care for your dog,​ then move ahead with caution and begin to​ research what kind of​ dog might be best for you. a​ dog is​ not a​ dog is​ not a​ dog. I hate hearing people talk about not really caring about what kind of​ dog they get. Each variety of​ dog is​ different and requires vastly different care. Learn what you​ can about the​ dogs you​ are interested in​ before making a​ purchase.

It is​ great to​ visit people who own the​ kinds of​ dogs you​ are interested in. See what their lives are really like with a​ dog in​ the​ picture. the​ more research you​ do,​ the​ better off you​ will be when you​ finally bring a​ dog into your home. Learn all you​ can from other dog owners and get their wisdom for you. I guarentee you​ that having a​ dog as​ a​ pet is​ a​ wonderful but hard thing.

Prepare your family before bringing a​ dog into your home. Talk honestly about the​ responsibilities that bringing a​ dog into your home will mean. Divide up those responsibilities so that everyone feels like they have an​ important part to​ play. a​ family will always do better with a​ dog when they have a​ right understanding of​ the​ work and commitment it​ will take to​ keep the​ dog alive and well.

I love seeing families bring a​ dog into their homes. I am insistent,​ however,​ on​ seeing the​ process done well. Please use caution and wisdom as​ you​ seek to​ make a​ dog part of​ your family.

Considering Getting A Dog

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