Consider This Before Starting A Home Business

Consider This Before Starting a​ Home Business
If you prefer to​ start a​ home business working as​ a​ representative for an​ existing company,​ there are plenty out there to​ choose from .​
There are things you should think about beforehand,​ however .​
Too many people make the​ mistake of​ jumping into the​ first opportunity they see .​
Do your homework before signing on​ the​ dotted line! Here are some things to​ consider about your prospective opportunity:
Are you passionate about the​ products/services? - Be honest with yourself on​ this,​ it's the​ most important question .​
Don't sign up with a​ company because others are doing well with them,​ or​ because your neighbor says it's the​ wave of​ the​ future .​
Can you really get excited about what you're selling? If yes,​ you will have a​ much better shot at​ success.
Is the​ company legitimate? - How long have they been in​ business? Are they a​ member of​ the​ Better Business Bureau or​ the​ Direct Selling Association? This doesn't necessarily guarantee the​ company is​ good,​ but it's a​ good starting place .​
Also do a​ search for the​ company name along with the​ word scam .​
Do a​ lot of​ complaints come up? Most companies will probably have a​ few,​ but if​ there are many,​ you might want to​ think twice.
Start-up Cost - How much does it​ cost to​ become a​ representative,​ and what is​ included in​ your start-up kit? Most business opportunities have a​ start-up cost that can range from a​ few dollars up to​ hundreds of​ dollars .​
However,​ you should actually receive something for this money being spent.
Product or​ Service - is​ there an​ actual product or​ service being sold to​ customers? If there is​ no product or​ service,​ run far,​ far away! That is​ called a​ pyramid scheme,​ and it​ is​ illegal.
Training - Do you receive any training and support from the​ company? Ask how this training is​ presented .​
is​ it​ online training? Telephone conference calls? One on​ one mentoring? Audio files? Printed booklets? Make sure you clearly understand what support and training materials will be provided for you.
Ongoing Costs - Are there any ongoing costs to​ running your business with this company? Some companies require that you purchase a​ certain amount of​ products each month,​ or​ they charge monthly webhosting fees or​ administrative fees.
Marketing Materials - Will you need to​ purchase your own marketing materials like brochures,​ catalogs,​ order forms,​ business cards,​ advertising or​ prospecting leads? Find out if​ the​ company offers any of​ these to​ you for free,​ or​ if​ they have low cost alternatives.

Quotas - Will you have any sales quotas you need to​ meet each month or​ year? Any other requirements you must meet to​ keep your business active?
Online or​ Off - Would you prefer to​ run your business mostly online,​ or​ off? Would you enjoy doing home parties? Some companies offer the​ option of​ both,​ and some do not .​
Find out exactly how you will need to​ run your business and make sure it's something you won't mind doing.
Website - Does the​ company give you a​ free website,​ or​ one that you pay for? Can you sign up customers and representatives at​ the​ website,​ or​ do you have to​ do it​ manually by phone or​ fax? Some websites are given for marketing and lead generation purposes,​ but you still have to​ sign up the​ prospects yourself .​
Others have more automated systems set up.
Product Delivery - Who delivers the​ products your customers order? Does the​ company ship them out for you,​ or​ will you have to​ do that?
Realistic income - What can you expect to​ earn,​ and how is​ the​ bulk of​ your income earned? Do you need to​ recruit other representatives in​ order to​ earn? Or can you sell product to​ earn a​ commission .​
Some companies offer both options .​
Don't fall for the​ hyped-up ads that claim you can earn $20,​000 in​ a​ month .​
It may be possible,​ but be clear on​ exactly what would be required of​ you to​ earn that much money .​
Will you need to​ recruit a​ certain number of​ representatives per month,​ or​ sell a​ certain amount of​ products per month? Are you willing to​ do that?
When you finally choose a​ company to​ partner with,​ be prepared to​ work hard and be committed .​
So many ads out there make it​ sound so easy -- you just sign up and the​ money starts rolling in​ .​
Nothing could be further from the​ truth .​
You will need to​ show up each day and do the​ work,​ just like a​ job .​
You will need to​ stretch yourself outside your comfort zones and work on​ improving yourself,​ personally and professionally.
The good news is​ that YOU are responsible for your own success .​
There are no limits if​ you truly believe in​ yourself and the​ company you represent.

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