Conflicting SEO Expectations

Conflicting SEO Expectations

SEO is​ undisputedly the​ best method for generating traffic and profits. That being said,​ you​ need to​ understand the​ inherent conflict that can arise with SEO.

Conflicting SEO Expectations

SEO is​ both the​ technical effort and art of​ getting your site ranked highly in​ search results on​ Google,​ Yahoo and MSN. There are two competing factors in​ the​ effort,​ time and volume of​ traffic,​ which can lead to​ clients having unreasonable expectations.

The conflict giving rise to​ misunderstood SEO expectations deal with keywords. Obviously,​ an​ optimization program is​ designed to​ get you​ high in​ the​ rankings on​ various keywords. the​ problem,​ of​ course,​ is​ the​ more traffic a​ keyword produces,​ the​ higher the​ number of​ sites competing for rankings under the​ phrase. Inevitably,​ this translates to​ a​ longer period of​ time required to​ get top rankings.

Obviously,​ most clients want to​ obtain top rankings as​ quickly as​ possible. the​ best way to​ do this is​ identify those keywords that have decent traffic,​ but few sites competing for rankings. in​ such a​ campaign,​ clients see results relatively quickly,​ but they have fallen into a​ trap. Even if​ they go into the​ number one position across the​ top three search engines,​ they have limited the​ amount of​ traffic they can receive. This leads to​ frustration as​ revenues are effectively capped.

A proper optimization plan should focus on​ both short and long term rankings. When laying out the​ site,​ the​ home page and other centralized pages should be devoted to​ keywords with monstrous amounts of​ traffic that will require a​ lot of​ time to​ obtain top rankings on. to​ counterbalance this,​ additional pages should be built focusing on​ keywords for which there is​ less traffic,​ but for which high rankings can be acquired relatively quickly.

The exact time periods on​ this approach are entirely dependent on​ the​ subject matter of​ the​ site and the​ keywords involved. For a​ brand new site,​ one can expect to​ see rankings on​ MSN within a​ month,​ Yahoo in​ four to​ six months and Google in​ six to​ nine months. For an​ established site,​ the​ figures will be shorter but it​ is​ dependent upon the​ results of​ the​ keyword research in​ the​ specific field.

Understanding optimization is​ the​ key to​ having reasonable SEO expectations. a​ mix of​ short and long term goals is​ the​ best method of​ attack in​ nearly every situation.

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