Confidentiality Is A Must For Nursing Assistants

Confidentiality is​ a​ Must for Nursing Assistants
Nursing Assistants are exposed to​ a​ wide variety of​ events taking place in​ the medical field. it​ is​ crucial that they are aware of​ the importance of​ maintaining confidentiality in​ all aspects of​ their job.
Nursing Assistants are well trained in​ the policies and procedures of​ the facility. While it​ is​ important to​ follow them, it​ is​ not recommended to​ discuss them outside of​ the facility. For example, you don’t want to​ provide others with confidential information regarding evacuation and other emergency procedures. Doing so many compromise the safety of​ the patients and staff during a​ natural disaster or​ violent attack.
Patients requiring care in​ a​ medical facility are to​ have their privacy protected. This means you do not discuss their care or​ other personal information with any other person except staff they have an interest in​ the care of​ that patient. Confidentiality becomes an issue when you know someone in​ the facility or​ someone asks you why someone else in​ there.
All patients have the right to​ their privacy being maintained. Compromising this information is​ a​ direct violation of​ every medical practice. Providing such information can result in​ termination of​ your job, and in​ some cases, the loss of​ your Nursing Assistant Certification.
Communicable diseases can surface in​ medical facilities. it​ is​ important that you follow the policies and procedures set in​ place by the particular facility your work with. However, do not release information regarding such diseases to​ anyone. This could result in​ a​ panic over the possibility of​ an epidemic, and lead to​ patients wanting to​ leave the facility against medical advice.
The proper medical staff will release information on communicable diseases to​ the proper agencies. Often this includes the area health department. They can then help the medical facility incorporate a​ plan of​ action to​ remedy the solution. The decision might be made to​ share the information with the area newspapers in​ an effort to​ allow them to​ protect themselves and to​ seek medical attention if​ they display the symptoms of​ a​ communicable disease that requires treatment.
Confidentiality also includes other medical staff. Nursing Assistants should not be disclosing any information they overhear among other staff in​ regards to​ a​ patient. Likewise, they should not disclose any information that they hear about the private interactions of​ staff. Often referred to​ as​ gossip, this violation of​ confidentiality can result in​ poor working relationships. The result is​ often a​ stressful work environment and patients not receiving the best care because lines of​ communication are not open.
To protect yourself, it​ is​ important that you clearly understand the basics of​ confidentiality and why it​ is​ so important in​ the Nursing Assistant profession. Make sure you are fully aware of​ the specific policies and procedures in​ place for the facility you work for prior to​ accepting employment. in​ addition, it​ is​ the responsibility of​ the Nursing Assistant to​ report any violations of​ the confidentiality policies and procedures to​ the proper person. Not doing so makes you as​ much a​ part of​ the violation as​ those who committed it.
While it​ is​ human nature to​ talk and discuss things in​ common, make sure the information you are sharing in​ regards to​ your work are being shared with those who need to​ know the information. it​ can be humiliating enough for individuals who need to​ be in​ a​ medical facility without worrying about who is​ going to​ find out about what took place while they were in​ care.

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