Confessions Of An Erotic Romance Writer Getting My Groove

Few people understand the importance of​ a​ ROUTINE when making a​, I meant a​ a​ writer. Where do you work? How do you work? When do you work? These are all questions a​ selling writer fields with every interview.

Here is​ the usual answer: I work wherever I am, as​ diligently as​ possible, as​ often as​ possible. This is​ my job and I must treat it​ as​ such or​ I will end up eating Oreos while watching Gilmore Girls.

Here is​ the real answer: Whenever I can’t think of​ something else to​ do...including watching Gilmore Girls.

Therefore, in​ order to​ write, I must create a​ routine–aka, RUT–so deep, so intractable, so unforgiving that I have no choice but to​ write. Sucks, but it’s true. No one (except maybe people whom I despise) actually LOVE writing. I love thinking about writing. I love having written. But the act of​ putting words to​ paper is​ a​ royal pain in​ the butt.

Therefore, I must create an​ environment where a​ royal pain in​ the butt is​ BETTER than the alternatives. in​ this way, writing is​ much like exercise. I mean I like the results, but do I really want to​ lift weights or​ run on a​ treadmill? Do I really want to​ find a​ new ways to​ write perky, kick-butt or​ find the right dialogue for scary villain guy? Heck, no. But I don’t get paid unless I write.

It takes three weeks to​ establish a​ habit. Therefore, the initial creation of​ aforementioned RUT begins with SET a​ DAILY TIME to​ create the groove. Write at​ the same time every day for three weeks. Could be for twenty minutes, could be for ten hours–whatever works for you.

Though I should say RUTS are really hard to​ create for ten hours. That’d be like waking up one day and saying, it’s time to​ run a​ 10k or​ put a​ wall around China. Possible, but do you really want to​ do that? Every day for three weeks?

Step two is​ to​ CREATE a​ DAILY GOAL. I choose a​ page count goal. I don’t get to​ nap or​ get a​ pedicure until I’ve written seven pages. One book it​ took me four months to​ have enough time for that spa visit. By the way, I recommend starting with a​ small daily goal then adding up. That’s much better than the way I did it​ of​ counting how many pages I need to​ write daily to​ make my contract. Panic also works wonders as​ an​ incentive, but I digress.

Many people set a​ timer for their daily goal–30 minutes, two hours, whatever. Unfortunately, I’ve found that a​ timer only times the moments when I sit in​ my chair. it​ doesn’t actually encourage written pages because there’s lovely distractions like e-mail and internet blogs. And that leads to​ the next step.

Step 3 – REMOVE DISTRACTIONS. I write in​ certain cafes specifically because they don’t have internet. I know people who have taken all games off their computer. Gasp! The alternative to​ this is​ to​ CREATE INCENTIVES. Bribery is​ alive and well in​ my rut-creation world. Finish two pages and then get CHOCOLATE! Whatever it​ takes. You may not be able to​ fit your hips into the author photo, but heck you’ll have published books that contain a​ lovely head shot!

Then finally–CREATE a​ TRIGGER. You know that fabulous moment when the words flow and everything is​ right with your creative world? Well, me neither, but I swear we can prepare for those moments by creating a​ unique trigger to​ reinforce a​ writing zone. Scent is​ a​ powerful tool. During your three weeks, burn a​ beeswax candle.

Pretty soon, smelling beeswax will leap you into the creative zone. Not a​ candle fan or​ afraid you’ll accidentally set a​ contract on fire? Coffee works fabulous for me. Smell coffee, engage brain. Taste a​ soy latte–yes, I really do drink those–it’s time for serious writing! This works in​ the reverse, too. Taste Oreo? Get ready for Gilmore Girls. Feel sexy lingerie...well, you get the idea.

The ugly fact is​ that a​ writer’s life must be filled with self-discipline. if​ you’re short on that, then either give up on having a​ paying career as​ a​ writer or​ find a​ way to​ mire yourself deep in​ the writing rut. And who knows, sniff some caffeine and you might just end up on the best seller’s list.

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