Conference Call Decision Web Conference Calling Vs Offline Conference

Conference Call Decision Web Conference Calling Vs Offline Conference Calls

Conference Call Decision - Web Conference Calling Vs Offline Conference Calls
Conference calls have totally revolutionized the​ concept of​ communication .​
Web conference has taken the​ concept to​ the​ next level and​ challenges the​ worthiness of​ existing offline conference calls.
Web conference call is​ in​ its infancy and​ many people are not aware of​ its multifarious application .​
Initially, web conference call was used as​ an​ audio conference call and​ was limited to​ presentation calls .​
Live video conferencing became possible with the​ arrival of​ broadband .​
The right amalgamation of​ several features of​ Internet, computers and​ software has transformed web conference call to​ the​ level of​ face-to-face meeting.
The greatest advantage that web conference calling has over offline conference calls is​ that it​ gives real time interaction with several people .​
When implemented properly it​ is​ just like having a​ discussion in​ your conference hall .​
Unlike most offline conference calls, in​ web conference call the​ people engaged in​ conversation can share and​ exchange ideas by illustrating it​ on the​ whiteboard .​
This becomes very handy in​ cases where only drawings can clearly explain the​ idea .​
Since this is​ done in​ real time with the​ support of​ audio, the​ effect it​ has is​ far reaching and​ cannot be matched by offline conference calls.
Web conference calling is​ an​ ideal conference call service for​ business as​ it​ gives the​ opportunity to​ discuss issues and​ put them to​ vote and​ fix the​ issue on hand .​
This means that by sitting in​ your office in​ Manhattan through the​ conference call you can talk with your subordinates in​ any part of​ the​ world and​ discuss the​ business plans .​
There is​ no limit to​ the​ number of​ people who can take part in​ the​ digital web conference .​
Offline conference call has the​ limitation of​ number and​ when there are more than three locations it​ throws up several difficulties .​
The number of​ location is​ never a​ problem in​ web conference calling.
Conference call through web has certain limitations like web cam positioning .​
It also requires high amount of​ concentration from the​ participants .​
Most of​ the​ limitations associated with web conference call can be easily solved .​
Several business establishments now prefer web conference call over offline conference call as​ it​ saves money, time and​ energy.

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