Computers For Kiddos

Computers For Kiddos

Computers for Kiddos
Going to​ kindergarten in​ this new age is​ a​ lot different than it​ was when we​ were children .​
Modern children are more aware of​ the​ adult world,​ more sophisticated and certainly more aware of​ technology and the​ internet than was imaginable even a​ few years ago when that youngster was a​ newborn .​
So we​ have to​ take that into consideration when we​ begin to​ prepare a​ child for kindergarten because there is​ really no level of​ schooling that is​ untouched by computers and technology.
The first step for finding out how much your child needs to​ know about computers and the​ internet day one in​ kindergarten is​ to​ visit the​ school and talk to​ the​ teacher .​
It really isn’t a​ matter of​ kids being forced to​ learn about cyberspace .​
Schools are simply using the​ internet for teaching because kids are showing up already knowing all about it .​
As you look around any modern kindergarten class,​ you will see dozens of​ computer kiosks so the​ kids can connect to​ the​ internet and use the​ internet for anything from research to​ communications to​ learning games to​ exploring the​ galaxies.
So much is​ made about the​ dangers of​ the​ internet and those are certainly real .​
But there are tremendous resources that the​ kindergarten teacher will take advantage of​ to​ take that new class to​ wonderful new places using safe and carefully prepared web sites that can enhance the​ child’s education.
The next step is​ to​ find out just how much your little angel already knows about computers and the​ internet .​
If you have a​ computer and you allow your child to​ wander around the​ internet already,​ she may know more than you imagined or​ wished she knew .​
But by having a​ conversation with your child or​ by sitting online and exploring some basic web sites together,​ you can gauge her level of​ skill and knowledge .​
It will be an​ unusual meeting between parent and child because its very possible that at​ times you will be teaching her things and other times she will be the​ teacher and you the​ student learning the​ most modern things that young people,​ even very young people like your child,​ already know about the​ online world.
Be sure when you begin to​ expose your youngster to​ the​ internet that you have also made sure the​ internet is​ a​ safe place for her to​ be .​
You can create specific account on​ your computer just for your child that is​ heavily restricted .​
You can get some excellent tools that are often called net nannies which will keep your sweet innocent child from accidentally going to​ sites they should not see .​
You can even set up a​ set list of​ web sites you will allow them to​ be on​ and restrict their browser so only those sites are authorized.
Helping your child build internet search skills will jump start her into the​ modern world of​ school wonderfully .​
But there are other computer skills that being online will help her develop to​ make her more efficient even in​ this very basic level of​ schooling at​ kindergarten .​
If you can open the​ world of​ email,​ instant messaging and chat to​ your child on​ kid safe web sites where she will be talking to​ other children only,​ your five year old will actually develop fairly well developed typing skills being motivated by the​ fun of​ online conversation with other kids.
There are other computer tools that will of​ tremendous value to​ your child that she can begin to​ get exposure to​ in​ the​ months leading up to​ kindergarten .​
the​ Microsoft office suite which is​ so useful to​ adults will be an​ important tool set for any student even in​ elementary school .​
Learning to​ use the​ powerful resources of​ Microsoft Word,​ Excel and PowerPoint will give your child ways to​ accomplish their school assignments that are fun because they are on​ the​ computer and so much more efficient than the​ old pencil and notebook method.
By thinking like a​ twenty first century parent,​ you can start even at​ the​ kindergarten level to​ see your child’s school experience as​ one that will be heavily influenced by computer skills and the​ internet .​
And by equipping your child to​ be ready to​ use those tools from day one at​ kindergarten,​ she is​ jumping into school way ahead in​ terms of​ being equipped to​ be a​ big success in​ her academic career.

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