Computer Use By Seniors Eases Loneliness

Computer Use by Seniors Eases Loneliness
More and more seniors are catching the​ ‘computer bug’ and taking the​ plunge to​ go online. the​ active baby boomers have grown up and become active seniors looking to​ get out and explore the​ world around them. the​ Internet and computers in​ general,​ have opened the​ doors to​ many avenues of​ entertainment and excitement for these seniors. No longer are they resigned to​ the​ playing of​ shuffleboard or​ canasta with their friends for their entertainment. Now with the​ aid of​ computers and the​ Internet they can play these games and more over online connections with people from all over the​ world. While learning to​ use a​ computer is​ still one of​ the​ biggest challenges to​ many seniors,​ many of​ them,​ when they learn to​ use a​ computer,​ cannot believe that they were ever worried about it​ at​ all.
Some seniors have expressed nervousness when it​ comes to​ learning how to​ use a​ computer and interact with others over the​ Internet. They are doubly proud when they cannot only learn to​ use a​ computer but can also manage to​ send emails and use computer programs without any outside help at​ all. While some seniors may have had some experience with computers in​ their past employment,​ most are learning the​ basics of​ computer use for the​ first time from the​ ground up. it​ is​ quite an ordeal at​ first for many people who find it​ all a​ bit overwhelming. This quickly passes though as​ they learn the​ basics very quickly and can see basic results after only a​ few lessons.
Computer use among seniors has proven to​ be very beneficial to​ them in​ many ways. it​ gets them active again in​ something. While using a​ computer is​ not the​ same thing as​ doing exercise for the​ body,​ the​ use of​ a​ computer is​ a​ very stimulating way for them to​ exercise their most important muscle their brain. By keeping mentally active,​ many seniors find that they are not lonely any longer and they have much more that they can accomplish with the​ aid of​ a​ computer. Not only can they use computer programs to​ help them work on​ any hobbies they have,​ but the​ Internet can also help them to​ stay in​ touch with others who share in​ their hobby. Staying in​ touch with family and friends by way of​ email is​ another great way to​ help seniors feel connected to​ the​ lives of​ others and to​ the​ world around them. By staying in​ close contact,​ they find more purpose in​ their old age.
Some seniors even become competent enough with their computer usage that they can take on​ part time jobs doing simple data entry for businesses. They can also help to​ teach other seniors about the​ benefits of​ learning to​ use a​ computer and the​ amazing world of​ the​ Internet. Many seniors may have only heard about the​ millions of​ web sites out there that have so much information that they can access easily. For many seniors it​ is​ like turning on​ a​ light that shows them what they have been missing all these years. They become passionate about their search for knowledge with computers and the​ Internet. the​ sense of​ isolation is​ immediately lifted the​ very first time they send and receive their initial email message to​ someone they know. Whether the​ person is​ across the​ country or​ just across the​ street,​ the​ excitement is​ the​ same. They soon learn to​ feel part of​ the​ world again and can take part in​ many more conversations as​ their knowledge about computers and the​ Internet grows.
Being able to​ reconnect with old friends that they have not talked to​ for years is​ a​ very big deal for these seniors. They can also encourage each other to​ learn more as​ they go through many of​ the​ same things together while learning about computers and the​ Internet. Many seniors with hearing problems find it​ much easier to​ email someone rather than try and talk to​ them on​ the​ telephone. Seniors who are grandparents find the​ Internet a​ great way to​ stay a​ part of​ their grandkids lives. By sending emails and talking over everyday events,​ the​ family grows closer and stays closer as​ well. By using the​ Internet,​ many seniors have found friends with common interests,​ whether those interests are hobbies or​ health matters they share,​ the​ excitement at​ being able to​ message someone and have them chat back to​ you in​ nearly realtime is​ very fun for these seniors.
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