Computer Slow Optimize It With The Right Tools

Computer Slow? Optimize It With the​ Right Tools
Why does it​ seem like every time you get a​ new computer it​ operates at​ lightning fast speeds for only a​ few months before becoming slow and laborious over its tasks? is​ this just something that we​ have to​ live with or​ can we​ do something to​ keep our computers running at​ optimum speeds?
The truth is​ that computers do not get slower as​ they age,​ a​ slow computer is​ a​ sign that something is​ literally holding your PC back and affecting its performance .​
And the​ good news is​ that you can do something about it .​
There are many things that can affect your computer’s performance,​ from low memory to​ a​ fragmented hard drive and everything in​ between .​
The things that can affect your computer’s performance are usually of​ your own doing .​
You see,​ each time we​ download a​ program or​ delete a​ program,​ we​ affect the​ way our computer operates .​
This change in​ operation can leave holes in​ our PCs operating procedures or​ may even leave behind programs that can affect our computer’s performance .​
Here are just a​ few things that could be making your computer slow:
· Running Background Programs – These programs are software applications that are running behind the​ scenes even when they are not in​ use .​
You may not even know that they are running,​ but they can zap precious memory and slow down your other tasks considerably .​
To see if​ you have programs running in​ the​ background,​ press Ctrl + Alt + Delete at​ the​ same time .​
The box that pops up will show you all applications that are running.
· Full Hard Drive – If your hard drive is​ too full of​ data,​ it​ will not have enough space to​ perform chores .​
Your hard drive should have at​ lease 2MB to​ 3MB in​ free space.
· Fragmented Hard Drive – When you download and delete programs,​ you create holes in​ your hard drive .​
These holes mean that your PC has to​ search for the​ files it​ needs over greater distance and not necessarily in​ the​ order that it​ needs them.
· Left Over Parts – When you install and uninstall Windows programs,​ they leave behind parts or​ applications that can slow down your computer .​
You may even unknowingly delete a​ file needed for other software applications .​
(Note: Spyware and viruses can also slow down your PC’s performance,​ but for the​ purpose of​ this article we​ are assuming that the​ problem lies in​ application errors.)
Make Your PC Run Like New
While it’s not rocket science,​ making your computer lightning fast once again will take a​ little work from you .​
Sometimes,​ this is​ as​ easy as​ running your Windows System Tools program .​
You can find these programs by clicking start,​ all programs,​ accessories,​ and system tools .​
Here you will find several system optimizers to​ help you free up your disk space,​ defragment your PC,​ and detect and repair disk errors .​
In addition to​ tools already installed on​ your PC,​ you can opt to​ download additional programs to​ optimize your computer’s performance .​
These optimizers can be purchased as​ a​ set with other software programs that can help you get the​ best out of​ your computer .​
Here are just a​ few of​ the​ extra optimization programs that you may want for your PC:
· Memory Optimizer – When you are using your computer,​ it​ takes several programs and application to​ handle everything that you are doing .​
Each of​ these programs uses memory .​
When memory is​ short,​ computer response time is​ slow .​
Memory Optimizer helps to​ make the​ allotment of​ memory to​ each program more efficient .​
This can help you eliminate slow PC execution time,​ Windows hang up or​ crashing,​ loss of​ data and unwanted shutdowns.
· Registry Deffrager and Optimizer – As mentioned before,​ a​ registry with holes results in​ slow response times as​ your PC searches for the​ data it​ needs .​
This program improves the​ system response time and saves memory by creating a​ smaller registry.
· Windows Optimizer – we​ all use our computers differently .​
Some use their computer as​ a​ media and entertainment centerpiece while others use their PC for data storage and business purposes .​
Windows Optimizer allows you to​ tweak program settings so that they will perform in​ line with your needs .​
Granted,​ a​ slow computer is​ a​ nuisance and it​ may leave you wanting to​ go out and purchase a​ new model .​
But before you give up on​ your current model,​ make sure that you have optimized it​ first .​
You may be surprised by how much life is​ still in​ your PC.

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