Computer Security Its Bigger Than Spyware And Viruses

Computer Security Its Bigger Than Spyware And Viruses

Computer Security – It’s Bigger than Spyware and Viruses
Computer security,​ in​ basic terms means keeping your computer and the​ data that’s in​ it​ safe and secure .​
More of​ our personal data is​ stored in​ or​ accessed from our computer,​ now more than ever before .​
Yet most people lack even the​ basic understanding of​ how to​ keep their computers safe and secure .​
By following just a​ few simple rules you can dramatically improve the​ overall security of​ your computer.
The first thing to​ understand is​ what exactly it​ means to​ be connected to​ the​ internet .​
Your computer connected to​ the​ internet is​ similar to​ your house in​ many ways .​
There are many ways into your house .​
Windows,​ doors,​ etc .​
the​ more windows and doors you have,​ the​ more ways someone has into your house .​
An open door doesn’t necessarily mean you are going to​ be robbed,​ but it​ does improve the​ chances .​
Complicating matters,​ the​ ones that you think are locked,​ may not be because the​ lock is​ faulty or​ even the​ door itself may have an​ as​ of​ yet undiscovered flaw that would allow an​ intruder easy access to​ your home.
Your computer has many windows and doors,​ not all of​ which are locked .​
New flaws are being found everyday,​ often with the​ fix not coming until days after .​
Just like you wouldn’t leave your front door unlocked,​ you shouldn’t leave your computer wide open either .​
the​ first two things we​ will discuss to​ help with this task are installation of​ a​ quality firewall and regularly updating your installed software.
Updating your software is​ becoming easier these days,​ especially your Operating System .​
we​ don’t have the​ time here to​ go into detail about the​ many ways to​ update the​ many software packages you may have or​ use,​ but generally speaking the​ software manufacturer will provide you a​ way to​ do this automatically via the​ internet .​
a​ good example of​ this is​ the​ Microsoft Windows Update feature .​
Be sure to​ get the​ updates for everything installed on​ your computer,​ nothing is​ too trivial.
There are two basic types of​ firewalls and both perform the​ same functions .​
One is​ hardware the​ other is​ software .​
a​ hardware firewall is​ probably included in​ your router if​ you are using one,​ while you may or​ may not have a​ software firewall installed .​
To continue our house analogy,​ a​ firewall is​ like building a​ wall and gate around your home and giving the​ guard at​ the​ gate instructions on​ who to​ let in​ and out .​
While this does give a​ great deal of​ protection,​ it​ is​ not all that is​ required .​
Someone may know a​ way around or​ under your wall,​ or​ even be able to​ coerce the​ guard into letting them in​ .​

You yourself may unwittingly allow someone in​ .​
This could happen by simply opening an​ email or​ even simply surfing the​ net .​
Spyware,​ viruses,​ trojans and the​ like are ever more adept in​ their methods of​ fooling you and your guards .​
Emails may come from a​ trusted friend containing a​ dangerous virus without them even knowing it .​
This is​ where the​ next layer of​ protection comes in,​ anti-virus software.
Anti-virus software is​ a​ large category these days .​
Often these packages come as​ suites including a​ firewall and Spyware scanner .​
While most of​ these programs are very effective in​ their promised tasks,​ it​ is​ not wise to​ be lulled into a​ false sense of​ security by them .​
They are simply one layer in​ what should be a​ multi tiered protection plan for you and your computer .​
One last important note about anti virus software is​ to​ be sure that it​ updates on​ a​ regular basis .​
New threats come out daily so check its updates manually to​ be sure they have happened.
Back to​ our house analogy,​ we​ now have all of​ our windows,​ doors and other entry ways locked and fully updated .​
we​ have a​ wall around our house with a​ guard at​ the​ gate and we​ have software scanning everything that comes in​ past the​ gate .​
Sounds pretty good,​ but there’s one last security hole we​ need to​ address,​ you.
A large percentage of​ infections are caused by the​ computer user themselves .​
the​ internet is​ an​ ever changing place that requires it’s users to​ be educated about its use .​
I’m not suggesting that you need to​ be a​ computer expert to​ simply read your email .​
I​ am however suggesting that you take some time to​ educate yourself on​ some of​ the​ dangers that pop up everyday,​ and the​ precautions to​ take in​ order to​ avoid them.
In summary,​ your computer is​ a​ powerful machine connected to​ one of​ the​ greatest things ever invented,​ the​ internet .​
This vast resource can be a​ dangerous place if​ you are not properly prepared and informed .​
Regular software updates,​ a​ good firewall,​ anti virus software and a​ little education are the​ basics in​ computer security .​
Having and understanding these basics will make your computer safer,​ more secure and more enjoyable.

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